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  1. kanyonkritter

    who likes the geomax mx51?

    I have an RTT steering stab for sale in the classifieds as well....way cheap
  2. kanyonkritter

    who likes the geomax mx51?

  3. kanyonkritter

    who likes the geomax mx51?

    I love em but im running a 19" wheel now so.......
  4. kanyonkritter


  5. kanyonkritter


    Hey kids......damn been awhile. Anyways i'm posting from my droid rzr so that might be the problem but i digress. I had a tranny disinegrate on one of my 06 450x's and am gonna part it out but i cant find the classifieds......are they gone?
  6. kanyonkritter

    Boy, this forum is just Rockin'!

    I fell asleep last year sometime...Im just coming outof hibernation
  7. kanyonkritter

    RTT stabilizer ride report

    found one for sale if anyone is interested http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320777884148
  8. kanyonkritter

    Workhorse 450x wins again in Baja.

    its the best dessert sled produced to date. 450X rules and as usual KTM drools......lmao
  9. kanyonkritter

    Crf 450x oil question

    I have toasted and have seen several CRF Trannies go BOOM so I just wanna check on Redline before I give it a go.
  10. kanyonkritter

    Crf 450x oil question

    Love oil questions lol.....has anyone used Redline Trans oil in there X I have heard it can cause clutch slippage. Does anyone have any experience in that dept.?
  11. kanyonkritter

    2001 rm250 massive mid range flatspot...any ideas?

    A word of caution I used the freezer trick on my bills pipe and the thing popped like a zit. I just got it back from the shop and major surgery lol will post pics later.?
  12. kanyonkritter

    2001 rm250 massive mid range flatspot...any ideas?

    and lmao it wasn't the wrist pin:bonk:
  13. kanyonkritter

    2001 rm250 massive mid range flatspot...any ideas?

    ok so here's the update with the final verdict....there was the oring on the pipe that was missing, the GD power adj. Power valve was set at damn near 3 turns (1/4 to 1 full turn is reccomended) I am set at 1/4, the bypass jet was set horribly rich (I am now at 11 clicks out) the slow jet and idle screw were way out of whack, and the silencer looked like tar due to the excessively rich condition. The bike now flat rips and is an arm stretcher. The bike was purchased for my wife so I lowered it 1/2 in. Front and back which did harm the plushiness Suzuki has always been known for, it beats you brains out in the chop now but is great everywhere else and soaks up the big hits very well. It also flips a little slower which actually works out very well. The bike does like every suzi I have ever owned, it frigging rails! I had almost forgot what I loved about 2 strokes. If I could only mate the power of my mighty 450 and the nimble feeling of my Rm I would have the perfect bike
  14. kanyonkritter

    2001 rm250 massive mid range flatspot...any ideas?

    the o ring on the pipe was missing i love used bikes I found so many mickey mouse "fixes" on this bike its sickening
  15. As the title states....I have been away from the smokers for along time. I just picked the bike up for my wife and the bike is completely flat through the mids......any ideas on where I should start. it idles great and has plenty of top end.