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    Round 8 Atlanta: Dungey’s Revenge!

    You can't ever count Dungey out. He is calculating and street smart. He knows: It is a long season. A champion must be healthy, all the way to the end. He can't let emotions get in the way of the big picture, which is to win the championship. He has to ride smart, not over his head. He must be steady as he goes, because he is not out to impress anyone. He is there to win the championship. That those that ride consistently at the edge consistently end up in the hospital. That those that ride fast but carefully, end up being consistently on the podium, nearly every week. That he can't freak out that he didn't win a round. First, second, third place doesn't matter, as long as he is on or near the podium every week. Dungey's got a great strategy. He has the best trainer alive! His manager is a huge MX and SX talent. His fitness is incredible, and so is his confidence level. There is no reason he can't win the championship again.