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  1. Hi grayracer513, My race sag is 110mm. I will have to measure the free/static sag. However I don't remember if the spring does rattle but I will check again. Thanks for the info.
  2. Hi grayracer513, Yes thanks I checked it twice and it's correct. But when I put my bike on a stand with wheels off the ground, my rear suspension spring is rather loose. Still off the ground I even tried and able turn the spring by hand even with the two big nuts locked in place. When the bike/wheels on the ground. then the spring is tight which is quite understandable because of the bike weight resting on it.
  3. smithx2

    Steering cone bearings on 2009 CRF250R

    Oh yeah, the brand of the new steering cone bearings I bought is "BEARING CONNECTIONS" (same as shown in the picture). Hope it's a reliable brand compared to oem bearings..
  4. Hi Red Riders, I purchased this attached picture steering cone bearings. There are 2 separate pieces in the picture shown: A = Bearing B = Collar or bearing cover not sure what's it called When replacing steering cone bearings on a 2009 CRF250R, - do you replace all complete set item A and item B together? or - can I replace only the item A and use back the existing oem item B? I find it difficult to remove the existing oem item B from the stem.. Looking forward to hear your kind advise here. Thanks in advance.
  5. Not ok??? Well this is not good news for my bike. I weigh at 78kg. Suspension spring all parts are stock. Maybe I should not set my sag at 110 perhaps..?
  6. I set my rear suspension sag to 110 and secured the nuts. But now the suspension spring are slightly loose after that when bike free-wheel up the stand. Is this ok??
  7. Thanks mxbrewski. Would love to see more option if there's any other available.. Anymore anyone??
  8. Anybody knows where or which website I can purchase the new 2014 YZ450F graphics decal set for the white/red YZ model? Is it just me or is it not available on the market yet? Since mine is '14 white/red YZ450F, is there any decal graphic set available out there you would recommend/suggest? Thanks!
  9. smithx2

    2007 Crf250r Rattle

    try check your chain guide...
  10. smithx2


    Year 2000's onwards comes originally with inverted forks.
  11. smithx2

    RG3 to fit on CRF250R

    Does anybody knows if the RG3 triple clamps able to fit with the original HPSD (Honda Progressive Steering Damper) when installed on the CRF250R? Picture below: Thank you for your inputs!
  12. smithx2

    110/90 - 19 on a 250 ? Bigger tire.

    I am also wondering the same thing. Is it better bigger? No doubt the 110 gonna weight slightly heavier than 100, will the rear wheel bearings get worn out faster? Will the 110 rear tyres hit the sides of the dual exhaust?
  13. smithx2

    Tensioner stopper tool?

    This is a cool tool! Makes job easier and neat, i like this very much! So this way doesn't even have to remove the cam chain tensioner lifter cover bolt. But i can't figure out how you use it? Where and how does it insert to the valve lifters or shim? Any picture of it when doing that process? Thanks!
  14. smithx2

    2009 CRF250R

    Thanks axel350! Hope they provide the spark plug opener as well...