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  1. stimps

    Yz250 Inner clutch hub compatible years?

    I don't know what years they changed but there are subtle difference in the inner hub tooth profiles. I have a Hinson basket and pressure plate, the pressure plate fits on what I believe is an 02 inner hub, it will not fit on my 05 inner hub as it jams on the teeth. I can use the 05 pressure plate on the older inner but it is looser, so more clearance between teeth. No idea on when it changed but worth having a look out for a matching pair.
  2. Good point. You sound like the perfect fella to do a list of every bike ever made that it won't fit just to be sure. I've just checked a bsa b50, a 1926 new hudson, ducati 916, crf450 and a pw50 and it does not fit any of them. I suppose I could just check the on line Yamaha micro fiche for my year bike assuming it's a yz250 and see if it used the part number listed but your way is sure more fun.
  3. Yep, thousand apologies. I will keep all further information to myself to avoid any future mistakes. Mods:- Can you please delete this entire post.
  4. Not sure what is misleading about it.The part number is different for the 2016, I bought two and they are a different design as shown. Fitted them to a 2006 and a 2005 yz250. Both work perfectly as expected. I don't have a 2015 so only able to go by what Yamaha list and that was the older part number. Crack on and fit whatever you are happy with fella.
  5. stimps

    SSS Upper fork tube question

    08 forks and later had thinner top tubes to aid flex and grip. I've got carbon wrap around protectors (pro carbon) but have seen equally smart black stickers that cover all that lower area.
  6. Hi Pajero, used same bolt and washer. I checked all the part numbers first including the shifter drum and only the stopper shifter was a different number. All good so far on the 06.
  7. All fitted fine in the 2006. Mine will go in my 2005 as soon as crank is back. A Google search will show people who have had failures on yz125, yzf250 and on the yz250. There is even a us company that does an uprated bearing version of the old design. Yamaha calls out the new stopper as an improvement in shifting performance. Each to there own, for me I've seen a gearbox eat itself after a failure of this part and enough on the web to think changing it is a good thing.
  8. I suspect total reported failure rate was below that which they feel obliged to act. The recent issues with the yzf250 locking engines due to failure of the same part has raised the focus. You need to remove the main cover on the clutch side, the small outer one can stay on. Will need to drain water/oil, kickstart off, brake pedal and disconnect power valve arm. Cover then comes off. Then clutch plates out and undo main centre bolt to remove clutch hub. Stopper arm is then accessible, held in with one bolt. I checked parts and all other bits including Spring is the same. Probably takes an hour to do but worth it for peace of mind in my opinion. Was just looking on eBay and saw a bag of parts for sale, stopper part was in there with bearing outer missing so it's very real the failures.
  9. The other two pictures are in the same orientation so you can see a side profile. Hopefully this shot shows how they have riveted on the second part in order to support the solid roller from both sides. The old part was a single sided dog leg affair.
  10. My 05 was still good but I've got the new type in my hand ready to fit. My mates bike was an 06, when stripped the original bearing was completely gone and damaged gearbox. Replacement was checked after 4 hours and had a crack in the outer race hence search for a better part. Do wonder if they changed the bearing supplier or something to cause issues on later bikes. Yamaha have not superceeded the 5CU part so still happy to sell you the old type that fail. Hopefully the new one is better, certainly more agricultural. They list it as an improvement for smoother shifting on the 250x. It is smoother without a gearbox full of metal bits :-)
  11. Yamaha have at last updated the shift topper on the 2016 bikes. If you do a search you will find multiple listings for yz250 shift stopper bearings failing and damaging transmissions. Just rebuilt my mates bike and less than 4 hours later and the brand new standard (5CU-181400-00)shift stopper bearing had already cracked again. A search revealed that the 2016 part number changed. We ordered 2 off them and they have arrived. They are no longer a ball bearing, they are now a solid wheel with support with a forked arm rather than a single sided. This is very much like what they did to the 125 in 2006/2007 and they YZF that has suffered the same fate the last few years. . If it fails the outer cage comes off and all the ball bearings float around eating the gearbox, not good. At last we get the same update. Order part below and replace it before the bearing fails BF1-181400-00 shift stopper assembly
  12. stimps

    YZ 250 Head Mods in the UK

    Could try gibbs performance in Saltash near plymouth.Good friend of mine, in house dyno and have done some amazing motor builds. PM if you cant find number and I will give you justins number.
  13. stimps

    New yz look from racetech italy.

    wan Want , want, want , want. New tank design , awesome
  14. stimps

    Just Brought YZ250 2007

    I suspect your approach would fail and would suggest a more intelligent angle may be better. I was personally thinking that the gent who purchased the bike bought it in good faith as a 2007 model as advertised. The fact that it is not is legally a far stronger argument for an appropriate settlement. The condition,or how good the bike is would be irrelevant.