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  1. octavio3311

    Aprilia Dorsoduro 750!!

    The old lady just gave me the green light to get this bike. Only stipulation is I have to get rid of my 06' Husky SMR450. I'm dieing to get some info but my Aprilia dealer has nothing.
  2. octavio3311

    Marcus Dairy Conversation

    Every Sunday morning is for bikes. Every nice Saturday night is for hot-rods. Rumor has it that the place will be ripped down and replaced with yet another strip mall this June. Which really sucks cause I've been going there religiously since 86'.
  3. octavio3311

    Marcus Dairy Conversation

    lextech, What gives?? I met you at the Dairy on Sunday and we started shooting the shit - Dude - you were freakin' PISSED as hell at ECW. You were getting angrier and angrier as you told your story. What's with the change of heart a couple fo hours after flaming them.
  4. octavio3311

    left side passenger peg bracket needed

    I have both passenger pegs off a 2002 LC4SM for sale. $75 shipped. If interested.
  5. octavio3311

    2000 KTM 640 lc4/e supermotard

    ubergeek, The stock rotor size for a 2000 LC4e is 310mm. Absolutely no need to buy the 320mm kit. You'll be fine.
  6. octavio3311

    SM Tires

    I'd have to agree with Tony - get the Avon's - that'll be my next set. I'm currently running the Continental ContiForce's on my 02' LC4. Great street tire - super sticky. They suck in dirt and gravel.
  7. octavio3311

    2002 640 LC4 jetting question!

    lvdukerider's jetting specs is pretty damn close to what I'm running. I also did the slide mod and snipped 2 coils off the spring. Hey lvduke - I'm looking into doing the FCR swap as well. I take it you're pretty happy with the swap? Does it really make that much of a difference. My LC4 runs pretty good - it's nowhere the BEAST that my YZ426 is - but I didn't expect it to be. I haven't decided yet if I'm going for the FCR41 or the FCR39. Were you able to use your stock cables? Probably not!
  8. octavio3311

    5" rear rim on LC4

    I converted and 02" LC4 this past June. I used a 4.25" rear rim - the 5" wouldn't fit on my year bike. I mounted a 160/60/17 Continental ContiForce SM - it looks awesome. I'll have to post a picture.
  9. octavio3311

    640 Adventure Owners - Got a "Q"

    I have an 02' LC4 that I changed over to supermoto this past June. Black 17" Excel rims front and back, Continental ContiForce tires - 120/70 in front and 160/60 in rear. Replaced pre-silencer with straight thru pipe - replaced huge SuperCrapp muffler with KTM SuperMoto pipe. Opened up airbox and of course re-jetted. Re-gearing is essential - your bike probably has a 16t counter shaft sprocket with a 42t in the rear. Way too low - even if you don't plan on using this bike on the highways, it's still too low. Stock 02" Supermotos were geared at 17/42 - stock 02' Dukes had a 17/38 combo - I settled on a 17/40 set-up. Perfect!!!!! I can now cruise comfortably with out worrying about blowin' it up and it's still got PLENTY of get up and go. If you choose to run this set-up, keep in mind that in order to fit the 17t sprocket, you'll need to either grind down the case guard a little or simply order the case guard for an 02' DukeII. If you were to simply keep your stock 16t and change your rear to a 38t - you'd virtually gain the same ratio - that would work to - but you'd now have to get a shorter chain. Licence plate is easy. Bike is awesome on the street - I also have 2 bad ass sport bikes and the KTM proves to be a lot more fun. Pictures - as soon as I can find my wifes brand new digital camera - I'll post them.
  10. octavio3311

    Any thoughts on a 2002 LC4???

    I picked up a very clean 02' LC4E last winter for $3500 - It had 4500 miles on it. I picked it up with the intentions of turning it into a Supermoto - transformation was completed this past June. It's an absolute blast to ride. I get compliments everywhere I go simply because of the red/black color scheme - everyone is so use to seeing orange/black. I can't really comment on it's offroad capabilities though - I have a YZ426 for that. It's obviously much heavier than my YZ - probably 45-50lbs. if I were to guess. However, in an offroad situation, the power output would prove to be much friendlier and forgiving. I wouldn't hesitate riding it through some wide trails, fireroads or desert stuff. I would avoid tight billy goat mountain climbing trails though.
  11. octavio3311

    best tyres for a street-tard?

    150/60 will fit just fine..
  12. octavio3311

    best tyres for a street-tard?

    Dude - that is one nice ride. I have an 00' YZ426 that I was considering converting - but I took the easy way out - I converted an 02' LC4 640. Anyway - I'm currently using Continental ContiForce SMs. Lot's of grip - but I don't see them lasting very long at all. I've got 600 miles on them and they look like shit. I've got 2 other sport bikes with Pirelli Dragons on both - I've ridden them hard and they're holding up fine - I'll probably try them on the KTM next.
  13. Don't hesitate any longer - just buy it. I converted an "E" model this past spring - it's proving to be the most fun I've had on 2 wheels in the last 20 years - honestly. I also have 2 other bikes - a Yamaha YZF and a 2004 Triumph Daytona - both aren't being ridden because I can't keep off the KTM. I rode the Triumph last Sunday simply cause the wife was nagging something about "If you don't ride it, why do you need it." - something to that effect. Women?? Pro's - awesome bike (once converted right) reliable incredible cornering capabilities - it'll smoke unsuspecting racer boys in the corners all day with this suspension - you'll look for rough stuff or things to jump Con's - it vibrates - but you'll get used to it not a bike you'd want to take on a long highway cruise Loctite every bolt - you'll loose a few.
  14. octavio3311

    my first ktm. need help

    I ended up finding an immaculate mint 2002 LC4E (enduro) with 3K for $3,400. Wheels, tires and tubes were another $1,000 - exhaust $500. Awesome bike for a total of $5G. I've ridden sport bikes for the last 20 years - this thing is the most fun I've had on 2 wheels in a long time. Matter of fact - I still have 2 sport bikes in my garage - a Yamaha and a Triumph Daytona - I haven't rode them much this summer cause I can't keep off the KTM. Anyway - new is great - but if you look around, you can find a mint barely used one. A LC4 SM will be tougher to find but a standard LC4 would be easy. Tires and wheels are obviously the most expensive part, then re-gearing and re-jet should be next - exhaust can wait. Brakes weren't an issue for me - my E model came standard with a 310mm front rotor which proves to be more than enough for an occasional stoppie or two. Good Luck