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  1. zooyork12

    Hard To Kick II

  2. zooyork12

    Quick!! clutch lifter leaver HELP!!

    well if you dont have a problem with that then im open to help...send me a pm...
  3. zooyork12

    crf450: Loud Noise

    make sure valves are in spec....
  4. zooyork12

    Quick!! clutch lifter leaver HELP!!

    yea im in chandler so acp is far away...but well see what happens with this im going to take it all apart tonight and mess with it this just pisses me off... get it all back together and another thing goes wrong...been down sice the december ahhhhhh
  5. zooyork12

    Quick!! clutch lifter leaver HELP!!

    i thought they were still closed... kelly said might head out to acp again... thats if i can get this all figured out...
  6. zooyork12

    Quick!! clutch lifter leaver HELP!!

    yea kelly said to try a new clip see what happens.... darn i wanna ride acp this weekend...infact i wanna ride.... bikes been down for a while...glamis seasons almost over too!!! thanks for the help....bvd might get to meet you this weekend out at the track with kelly
  7. zooyork12

    what valves to get

  8. zooyork12

    Met some boys from TT today. . .

    haha kelly is an awsome guy...full of usefull info always says are we drinking beer and banging well you get where im going with that... he just got done doing my head work and would of been out there with him if it wasnt for my clutch lifter arm! acp is awsome....ski jump is crazy fun...rythem is tought infact the whole track is demanding but thats why its so fun.
  9. zooyork12

    Quick!! clutch lifter leaver HELP!!

    anyone else? ttt
  10. zooyork12

    Quick!! clutch lifter leaver HELP!!

    looks like i wont be ridding today huh?! anyone ever run into this?!
  11. I get my bikes top end all back together...and new clutch.. as i attempt to take it down the road to see if my clutch is working right i pull the leaver in and bike jumps forward and stalls look down and the clutch lifter leaver is pulled up and moves around freely... i set it all back up and try it again and it slips up again... anyone know whats going on... pictures to get an idea
  12. zooyork12

    Motoworld Graphics?

    http://www.motoworldracing.com/motoworld-honda-sponsor-rider-graphics.html only for the o5 and up
  13. zooyork12

    Will an 04 piston fit in an 03 bike??

    yea i just did updated my piston also...
  14. zooyork12

    Valves in So. Cal

    stock parts..... servicehonda.com..complete top end.. piston, rings, wrist pin, clips, gasket set, all seals, valves, springs shiped to my house for 350.28... brand new top end...now you would just need to find someone to cut seats hone cylinder and bead blast and index the rings... i got someone to do it for 100bucks and he is well know and does awsome work... stock has got to be the way to go... i mean the guys at honda designed the stuff for the bike....right....