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  1. mtbmonkey

    Large Adventure Bikes

    Anyone try the Ducati Multistrada Adventure yet? I've been looking at a GSA1200 adv . Any thoughts ?
  2. mtbmonkey

    Anyone have experience with clutches? Brands? With is good?

    My local shop quoted $287 for a OEM set up. I've been reading and heard that OEM is the way to go. I guess that is the way to go.
  3. mtbmonkey

    Anyone have experience with clutches? Brands? With is good?

    I'm in the same position. Is Outlaw good, EBC, or OEM? I want to replace it and forget about it for awhile. This might be whipping a dead horse, but any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. mtbmonkey

    DR 650 slip on

    If you get the Two Brothers, make sure you do the airbox mod. It is so crucial. Two Bros say that the slip on works right out of the box. I never got mine to work correctly. It was to loud and the back fire was horrible. I jetted mine and did the airbox mod. It wroks great with or without the silencer.
  5. mtbmonkey

    Thanksgiving LA to Vegas Ride

    I was thinking of doing this ride. Is it very difficult? I can do most hard sections but like to stay on my comfort level. Any thoughts?
  6. mtbmonkey

    Where can I get an aftermarket seat quickly?

    Have you ran this seat? My father in-law ran a Corbin. It lasted about 2000 miles before it started coming apart.
  7. mtbmonkey

    Ktm - Husky?

    A friend of mine purchased a new 08 TE610. A car driver clipped him and ruined the left side of the bike. It took over 4 months for the parts to START coming in. The worst was the left fork leg (Marzocchi).
  8. mtbmonkey

    Has anyone found a paint/coating that sticks to IMS tanks?

    Someone that I have ridden with took a natural colored tank and sank it in some RIT dye to match the color of his bike. Eventually, the color fade and now has a pink tank. LOL
  9. mtbmonkey

    The first 10,000 miles

    I thought that it was me. I go through a rear tire around 400 - 500 miles. Is this the same for you? What rear tire do you run? I've run Dunlop D606 and the Pirelli MT21. It seems that the Dunlop hooks up better but the Pirelli last longer.
  10. mtbmonkey

    The first 10,000 miles

    I just turned 10,000 miles on my 06 DR650. The bike is still running strong with no signs of stopping. As a matter of fact, in three weeks it's going on a 450 mile dual sport ride. This has been a great bike. Who has more miles. I'd love to hear about them.
  11. mtbmonkey

    KTM Six Days

    I was wondering what the major differences of a KTM 530 exc and the Six Days version. Is there any difference in frames and geometry, or is it just parts and stickers kit? Thanks for the posts ahead of time.
  12. mtbmonkey

    TT newbie

    Do the airbox mod, and go with an FMF pipe. I went with Two Bros, and have had tuning and noise problems. I bought a sound dampener and I have to tune the carb with a different jet for it to work properly. CRAZY!
  13. mtbmonkey

    IMS 4.9 users....

    I didn't have any problem mounting mine. The only thing that I can think of why you might be having a problem is this. Did you remove the black heat shield for the old tank?
  14. mtbmonkey

    After Market Turn Signals?

    I'm looking for a set of aftermarket turn signals. Anyone have any ideas for some shorter signals that won't bust off during trail rides?
  15. mtbmonkey

    Precision Concepts or RaceTech?

    Around $450 for the front shock.