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  1. FormerProMX

    May Be Moving to Sacramento Area

    Ignore those guys.... City is way cool. Lots to do, great restaurants, but it aint the east coast! With young kids, schools should be the priority and dictate where you live(it is with me anyway). I live near downtown and in the city limits and would ONLY trade it for 60 acres in the foothills with a private MX track (and a crew to maintain it, I'm pretty lazy). I also race bicycles and Sac has a tremendous cycling culture, can't speak to the singles action, but I did find my wife here. Also, seems a lot of these guys are dual sporters, but I have'nt got that yet... I personally can't imagine putting a bunch more S#(+ on my bike to be street legal. Just seems counter productive to me, but that's just my 2 cents. Also, not sure about bringing in an out of state bike, might be a big headache at the Dept Motor Vehicles? May want to postpone that and just buy a Ca. bike once you get out here. Expect to pay more but you'll get the DMV headaches handled. Out here in CA we have more restrictive everything! But great riding mostly year around (with a Green Sticker bike). You'll soon know what we mean by the Red Sticker Green Sticker nonesense.
  2. FormerProMX

    Is the X a racer's bike?

    I shared your dilema... I went through the same decision process. I really wanted to get the R but new I would be riding a lot of different terrain. Returning to the sport after a long departure, I wanted to learn and do more trail and enduro riding with some friends and my son. I think I'll rarely ride on the MX track but might do some Senior Vet races in the summer. So, its a pretty easy decision from that perspective; Need a little more range (fuel) need gearing to ride with my trail buddies in the rocky knarly stuff. need Green sticker to ride all year, need the electric start to get my butt out of trouble on that knarly garb those trail hounds dig so much. The X fits all that and can be trimed down modified and raced on the track as well. Hits most the things I need in one package, I'll buy an R when I want a race only bike, right now the X lets me ride most anything (year around).
  3. FormerProMX

    1.5 week old bike, nice smashed radiator

    I'd go with the stock replacement. I don't have any issues with my rads and thus can't see why the extra expense would be worth it (unless you had some serious mods done to the motor). I'm sure somebody will disagree... As to your anger, hate to say it but you crashed it.... Nothing here would be remotely related to warranty even if it was a street bike with a 36K/3year on it. Also, one of the most common discussions here are rad guards and skid plates. 2 things you need to buy before you ever step out the door.... Some of us just learn it the hard way! We feel your pain brother....
  4. FormerProMX

    What did you pay??

    I bought my 06 450x at Carmichael Honda at the end of July for 6100 + tax and fees. Probably could have done better but was in a hurry to go riding.... I believe Elk Grove Honda still had a couple 05s for 57 or 58 hundy but I'm lazy and didn't want to drive down there. The 05s left are apparently honda overstock that was offered to all the dealers at significant discount. Hell the used 450xs I saw around were going for more than what I paid. I'm guessing there are still some around.
  5. Hey this would be a good chance to meet some of you guys, but I rode Elkins last weekend. And, as much fun as it was, I can't do it two weeks in a row. I'm headed to stony this weekend, but I'll check in witch ya next week.
  6. FormerProMX

    Gas mileage

    Mine is newer (06) and I've yet to need reserve on a woods ride. Last one I did was 46 miles. Mine is bone stock, not done anything to it (yet). My guess is that once I re-jet it, it will loose a bit of the range. Hell, if you need range, just throw a bigger tank on it. I wouldn't buy a bike based on how far it will go on a tank of gas.... Buy it for how it will make your a$$ pucker....
  7. FormerProMX

    Foresthill conditions

    Dude... Just go for it. I was up there a couple weeks ago and its dusty, but just space out a bit. I rode later in the day and it was JUST US out there. Most everyone had bailed! We got there at 3:00 and rode till dark! Was way cool and no dustier than anywhere else I've been riding. I was at Stony last weekend and expected it to be a dustbowl too, but the wind kicked up so the breeze just cleared it out quickly. That was way cool! I'm headed back there real soooooon!
  8. FormerProMX

    Stonyford Riding Trip: Aug 19-20 2006

    Nice Posts Josh! I like the pics. I dig that new KATIE you got! We had a good time, and I would spend the whole day on that stuff back by 43! YEEE friggin HAAA! Galen lives near me so I'm looking to hook up with him real soon. I had a swell time! One day is just not enough to ejoy that place. Wish I could have stayed over and tried Galen's grub! My wife was a little pissed since I didn't get home till 11pm. My trailer lights quite working so I had to do a little road side electrical troubleshooting. I'm going back in a couple weeks with some old MX buddies, can't wait! Ryan, Jim, Paul, nice meeting yawl, lets do it again soon. Just PM me anytime.
  9. FormerProMX

    Stonyford directions

    Personally I wouldn't go the little stony way. You got to do some riding to get to the trails and it can be hairy for a kid to ride. My son is a pretty good rider and I wouldn't take him that way. Also, you'll be a fur piece from your rig and refreshments you'll want to bring. I'd go to davis flat area in the valley. its a little further drive in but you'll have your rig right where you'll be riding and you can enjoy the whole day and get back to your car anytime more easily. Just head out of the campground and follow the signs to stonyford. Its 16 miles based on my GPS software. Just follow Lagoda Stonyford Rd and the signs to Stonyford (can't miss them). When you get to Stonyford stop sign(the store) you'll go left. Just a half mile or so the road splts, at the Ranger station. Stop there and get a Map of the OHV (the're free) area. Follow this road (Fouts spring) all the way back to Davis Flat/Fouts Spring area. You'll dig it! I was just there last Saturday. ENJOY!
  10. FormerProMX

    full QT of oil in the trans?

    Why then does Honda specify such a smaller quantity? They must want to do more tranny rebuilds? (funny face) I was told by a Honda Mech. that running excess oil in the Tranny can contaminate your crankcase oil. He told me to use the specified amount! Not a full QT. He explained that there is an access port at the top of the cases that crosses over between the oil resevoirs. If you overfil your trans oil it will cross over and contaminate your crankcase oil. Perhaps the contamination is better? Perhaps I've missed the gorry details of blown trannies here running factory oil levels? Perhaps these trannies were blown for completely other reasons? Just giving yawl another perspective, at least the one I've heard (and following).
  11. FormerProMX

    Stonyford Riding Trip: Aug 19-20 2006

    I'm looking for a good ride this weekend. Not sure if I'll camp overnight. I'm comming from Sacramento, so perhaps somebody else might want to hitch a ride with me. Seems a shame to drive all that way alone. PM me if any takers.
  12. FormerProMX

    db level stock pipe 450X?

    Probably a stupid question. Is there any California follow-up smog testing? I wouldn't want to yank this stuff (smog pump) off then get a citation requiring me to put it all back on!
  13. FormerProMX

    db level stock pipe 450X?

    Great info... Not speaking from experience here, but I heard that the stock pipe (end) is extremely heavy. Can you get a lighter end that maintains the same stock db range?
  14. FormerProMX

    Honda admits problems-Well almost (CLOSED!)

    Its a race bike, requiring race bike maintenance. If you bought one expecting anything less you are in denial. Buy a Yamaha if you want, but its the same animal in a different coat. Race bike requiring race bike maintenance, treat it as anything less and your in for some real suprises. Yamaha just hasn't got the kahonnas to come out and say it like Honda has (yet). IMOA
  15. FormerProMX

    Tight Trail Berms Technique

    A little late on this thread, but here's the answer. Your off the gas with to much momentum. Practice slower and then add speed. Enter the turn as fast as comfortable for you, drop to the seat moving as far forward as you can (on top the tank) bring the leg up and out forward (counterweights you) which will pull you down into the berm wherever on the berm you find the smoothest line. If you still get pulled up and out of the turn you have serious suspension issue, and its rebounding you out. Soften it up and let the suspension work for you.