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  1. redrider91

    take a vote!

  2. redrider91

    97 Cr250

    I was wonder about the good and the bads of the 97CR250, i know thats the first year of the big aluminum frame, but just wonder about the other stuff, and do you guys think that $1200 is a good deal?
  3. redrider91

    Valve clearences question

    I think this is waht is happening to my bike because it's getting hard to start and the intake and exaust were about perfect, so im hoping its the decompression arm off clearance.
  4. redrider91

    Starting trouble

    Whenever i would go to kick my bike over it wouldnt start, sometimes just get a loud pop. So I checked the valves cause i figured since it was starting hard that they were tight but they were perfectly fine. So then took off the carb and had it apart and blew everything out, and still its like nothing has changed, i have to push start it to get it going when its cold, and then use the hot start button when its warm. Im really confussed on this one, so if anyone has a clue i would love to hear.
  5. redrider91

    40 foot step up over cliff.

    What part of iowa is that at??? Id like to know.
  6. redrider91

    Spoke pattern

    I was wondering if there is a specific pattern on the spokes, if like right side is short, and left side is long, or something. But just any help is needed, thanks.
  7. redrider91

    breaking rear nipples

    Well i had the same problem on my bike, and i was told that i had over tightened the spokes. So... im not sure if thats what happend to you. But thats what i had.
  8. redrider91

    2003 crf450 GOOD DEAL?

    Thats how much i bout my 03 for about a year ago. Nice
  9. redrider91

    A quad you may like

    I think its a waste of a good motor:cry:
  10. redrider91

    Fkn Crazy!

    Wow thats amazing!
  11. redrider91

    Choose One

    I vote MRD
  12. redrider91

    disco motorbike man, lol

    LOL, that was pretty good
  13. redrider91

    new bailey plastics/graphics kit...suh-weeeet!

    I love everything:thumbsup: , accept the wierd looking fin holes over the air box.
  14. redrider91

    CRF450R very hard to start

    This happened to me and my bike had the same symptoms. It would only run with the choke on, and not very well, But i may be wrong, thats just my story.