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  1. I hate to say this but for those who think that buying American will keep the dollars in the USA are mistaken. Have you seen what has happened in the last 5-10 years? Our so called American owned companies are investing in foreign soil… The Dells, Levis, Direct-TV, Hershey, Hewlett Packard, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Lifesaver Candy, etc…the list goes on and on… Our industrial might has gone by the waist side in the name of profits – not competition and we keep talking about loyalties – what a bunch of BS.
  2. I've owned Chevy's, Fords, and Toyo's --- Toyota is the only brand that earns a true reliability mark. I just purchased the ’07 Tacoma (4x4, DC, LB) and the truck is fantastic.
  3. Hi all, sorry for the lame question but I’m finally going to install a computer fan on my moto to keep it cooler during my long trail rides. I understand the fan is most effective on the back side of the right radiator. However, should the fan be installed by pulling or pushing the air through the radiator? Hopefully that made some sense.
  4. Hi all, well I did it. I just bought a 2007 Toyota Tacoma (4x4, V6, 4 door, long bed) with all the bells and whistles… My main decision was based on looks and Toyo’s reliability (and the location of the oil filter helped.) That is not to say that Nissan isn’t a great truck. I would have jumped on one if they just looked a tad different (my personal taste.) Like I mentioned before it’s difficult to beat Nissan’s options compared to the Toyota. I want to thank all of you for your input and opinions. Keep on trucking (and riding of course)…
  5. Hi guys, well I tested each rig and I’m impressed with both trucks. The power is amazing on these mid-size trucks. These are some of my highlights: 07 Nissan Frontier, 4 doors, long bed, 4x4 with automatic • Great motor and drive train • Fantastic Options – 4 wheel disc brakes, sun roof, tied down system in the bed, and all the rest of the power options • The roof rack could come in handy when transporting long lumber or ladders. • Bed has a sprayed liner Regrets: • Looks • Engine compartment is cluttered • No sliding rear window option on the 4 door (I’m not sure if this is true) 07 Toyota Tacoma, 4 doors, long bed, 4x4 with automatic • Great motor and drive train • The oil filter screams at you to change it. For us DIY’s the filter is located on top of the motor. Finally, some thought pattern behind the design engineering. • Nice power options (Both the Toyo and Nissan are comparable, e.g., cruise control, power window, etc…) • Good looking truck Regrets: • No 4 wheel disc brake option • The driver position sits lower than the Frontier • The tied-down system in the bed does not match the Frontier’s • The verdict is not out on the composite bed. I’m not sure how it’s going to hold up in the long run, but the thought of the bed not rusting or denting is pretty nice • No sun roof – boo Summary, My purchase will be based on the best price and financing. I’m leaning towards the Tacoma because of looks, but it’s going to be a hard decision due to all the options the Nissan has to offer. Again, thanks everyone for their input and keep them coming.
  6. loufish, nothing to be sorry about. You are absolutely correct. Opinions are opinions but some just take them adamantly...
  7. loufish, Bingo, I've done the full size truck route. It just doesn't suit my needs. BTW, my little 4 cyl. 5sp, ext-cab truck has already pulled several trailers with “4-5 bikes and a couple of quads”, safely --- although it doesn’t do it like a 3/4t pick-n-up. The contras are that I get a consistent 25-27mpg on the freeway. I believe that is a nice tradeoff considering my towing needs are minimal. The reason for my post is that I’m going to sell both by tow rig (’91 full size Blazer and small truck [both excellent rigs]) and replace them with one of the subject trucks.
  8. It's true, the Nissans come with more options (especially the moon roof ) for the same price and the Toyotas are unrivaled. Overall, good opinions.. .
  9. cgrlvr35, depending on your needs, you may want to consider an inexpensive coating and buy a drop in bed-liner. IMHO spray-on bed liners do not protect as well as the standard molded liners against dents and dings. If you accidentally drop a heavy object on a spray-on liner the bed will get dinged. On the other hand the molded liners tend to rub some of the paint off the bed if not installed properly. Having both may be costly but well worth it. Just a thought.
  10. Hi all, I’m going to replace my truck in a couple of months and was looking at the 07 Toyota Tacoma (V6-4x4, Double Cab) or Nissan Frontier (same configuration). Any thoughts or opinions between the two? Thanks in advance. Alex
  11. nocturnal, I fabricated a light bar (which you don't have to do) when I tow my Tacoma behind the RV and used the 4-prong connection. It works great. About the only issue you may have is where to connect the lights. Just remember to keep them a tad high so you don't scrape them when you go off road.
  12. 98 Toyota Tacoma extended cab, 4cyl., 5sp, 2 whl. drive, 3.42 gears --- 25-27mph on the freeway and zero problems! Had it since birth...
  13. I’m curious, I was thinking of painting the wheels (not the spokes) black on my 01e. Has anyone had any success with the paint sticking and not ending up pealing or scratching too easily requiring constant touch-up? If so what king of paint did you use? Thanks in advance.
  14. Alex

    RFSs and the DRZ

    Sephw, Okay I meant "lighter". The figures I quoted are published. All you have to do is visit the manufacturer web sites --- nothing made up. All I'm saying is that too much emphasis is placed on the weight issue which in my IMHO is fiction. Now I would agree there is a difference of about 20-30 pounds between MX and trail models. But all trail models are comparable. Again, I’m not addressing the suspension or cc’s, just weight. I’ll drop the subject, I don’t want to offend. DR.billZ --- wow haven't seen your name in a while... Going orange means losing contact. Just kidding.