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  1. Triple W

    Welcome me to the Exotics!

    Give LTR a call on that shock. http://www.lt-racing.com/html/suspension.html RB designs did the carb mod and squish band on my 04. Works so much better. http://www.rb-designs.com/ Enjoy
  2. Triple W

    2012 Gas Gas 250/300 Specs?

    Here's some. http://ggor.us/xc250_2012.html http://www.gasgasrider.org/forum/index.php
  3. Triple W

    04 525 EXC or 03 525 SX...thoughts?

    I would think the tranny in the EXC would be more versitile. Good luck.
  4. Triple W

    2009 510 TCX issues

    TCX must be the Euro Version.
  5. Triple W

    Mikuni fuel screw '04 te 450?????

    I don't think there is one for the Mikuni. Hope i'm wrong. TW
  6. Triple W

    2009 510 TCX issues

    If you have a higher pressure cap you definitely need an Uptite 'Y'. The stock plastic 'T' is not to be trusted. Also change the radiator interconnect hose between both upper tanks with fuel injection hose. A fan can't hurt. Getting the jetting right will help also. You might see if gmxradiators.com makes any for your bike. Let us know if they do. Good luck. TW
  7. Triple W

    My 09 WR125 arrived last weekend

    That bike looks sharp. Ride report please!
  8. Triple W

    IMS Tank Graphics

    Have you had any delamination problems? Looks Great! TW
  9. That is Stylin' Thanks for posting. TW
  10. Triple W

    Bent Swingarm

    Hey Thanks! I was quoted $250 something at my dealer. TW
  11. Triple W

    Bent Swingarm

    I'm looking for a swingarm for an 2002 KLX 125. The one we have has been jumped into submission. If anyone has a line on a used one let me know. Thanks TW
  12. Triple W

    09 Te610

    Honda574, could you elaborate on why your 610 "was to scary for the road"? Just curious. Thanks, TW
  13. Triple W

    New horse to the stable

    That thing looks brand spankin new! TW