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  1. asf

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    Ive been tinkering a bit, once I sorted out the aloop clearance it is a breeze to tune on the bike. So far I have had to increase the pilot to 45. The bike would not run without the choke off and the 42 pilot no matter what I did with the air screw. With the pilot @ 45, screw 2 turns out, clip @ 3 from top, it started way easier bit still coughs when I close the choke and pops out the can as well. I started messing with the needle settings from 3rd to 5th to 7th (lowest clip position) but it still coughs at idle and studders, eventually one cough will make it die. My problem is at idle, so is it my air screw? I tried 2 turns out from closed, I'm a little confused where I should go from here if anyone can help I appreciate it. A cough/gasp at the intake side should mean I am lean, correct? So I should close the air screw some more?
  2. asf

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    I finally got it mounted, what a PITA. I'll post a new thread about mounting. It essentially required a silicone sleeve and creating a plastic ring to preserve the inner rigidity of the intake tube when clamping on the sleeve. The biggest pain was since I have an aloop tank the right petcock was tight against the right sided throttle of the FCR. Re: jetting, I have a NCVT on order, I got a OCEMT just to get the project rolling. It has 7 slots. I only had the JD needle to compare, seems like the extra slots are at the bottom. Just to clarify, because 3rd from bottom would make 3rd from top as well on a 5 slot needle - if I call the top slot #1, then the lowest #7, which slot worked best for you, #2 or #3? Regardless it will only run with the choke engaged so I know I have some work to do, but it fires up quite easily so I must be in the ballpark.
  3. asf

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    Thanks again D0T-C0M, I really appreciate your help. I called NOSS, the velocity stack that comes stock on the KTM FCR is the same OD as the NOSS adapter...so seems like this one will literally bolt right in with just minor jet and needle changes. I found the jets locally but the needles need to be ordered. I was going to keep the JD blue but it seems I need the red for sea level riding. NCVT it is. I'll report back once i get this bolted in. I'll eventually get the wideband on a dyno and let you know how it goes.
  4. asf

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    I see why I didn't list it last night...some of the KTM bowls don't have a leak jet http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/588246-ktm-fcr-leak-jet/ The spot where it should be is closed. So looks like this will work out perfectly!
  5. asf

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    D0T-C0M, thanks for being patient with me and sharing all the great info I also watched the video which was a huge help. I always thought the NOSS adapter was for a FCR40 not the FCR41. I've gone ahead and ordered one. All the reading and searching I found my carb also has the O-ring mod http://www.thumperta...mod-for-an-fcr/ Your setup should be very close but I have a XR600 with a open airbox and UNI filter, wiseco, HRC replica stage 1 cam, Angled valves, and FMF headers/exhaust. I guess that leaves me at: #103: Main Air Jet: 200 >>> Remove completely? #30: Slow Air jet: 100 >>> Keep at 100 #27: Main Jet: 182 >>> Change to 158 #28: Slow jet: 45 >>> Change to 42 Needle: NCVT 2nd clip from bottom (your video says 3rd clip from bottom) Mine also came with a billet pilot air/fuel mixture screw, so I should completely close it and turn it out 2 turns. I just need to look into the leak jet and see what's in there but the boysen quickshot doesn't have an external adjustment. Seems soldering the circuit closed is a common solution, I'm surprised they don't sell a closed jet! I'm not adverse to DIY but can't unsolder it...if I need to buy one and keep them around I'd rather just buy a closed one.
  6. asf


    That's priceless Ebay buyer protection should cover you if the part does not fit as advertised. Paypal buyer protection on the other hand is useless. Leave poor feedback, file your complaints with ebay, but even if you win you will probably have to return the entire kit, it may not be worth the time and shipping costs to do that.
  7. asf

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    Cleaned up nicely, this is the most complicated carb I've worked on! I have not worked on too many so bear with me if I ask some basic questions: Airbox side OD: 63mm Engine side OD: 46mm Here is the Carb Diagram from Sudco http://www.Sudco.com/Diagrams323728/expfcrmx.gif Currently has: #103: Main Air Jet: 200 #30: Slow Air jet: 100 #27: Main RD Jet: 182 #28: Slow jet: 45 Q1: I'm a bit confused (and please remember I am totally new to this FCR!!), no posts have numbers for the 4 jets, I only see some combo of 3 in each post, some just have # turns out, when I removed each of these jets they were fully screwed in...none of these seem under tension, how can they stay in place if they are not fully screwed in? is there a good guide to tuning these so I can educate m'self? Q2: How do I know what needle is in it now? Mine has a blue top, I do not see any markings on it. ...I read a suggestion to use the OCEMN, 3rd clip from bottom. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/649485-jetting-for-xr600-w-41mm-fcr/ but is this for a 40mm? ... also saw this recommending the EMR http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/649516-jetting-for-xr600-w-41mm-fcr/ but is this for the non-MX and not an option? Also please remind me - fuel screw is measured by tuns from fully tight or turns from fully open? Thanks again!
  8. asf

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    Thank you, mine is off a KTM450 with a boysen quickshot and the factory KTM cables. I have to clean it out today and I'll check what jets are in there. I do have a few questions: -I also have to measure the inlet/outlet OD and see how to mate it to engine - what are the various options? -Is it Easy to bolt on the the factory intake tube and retain the stock airbox or just clamp on an aftermarket filter? -What is a good place for jets: Sudco, TT Store, ebay?
  9. asf

    Help! FCR 41 jetting?

    I sent you a PM, I've been toying with the idea of the FCR on the XR and finally picked one up. Is the garage back up and running? I've seen recommendations all over the map, it would be interesting to start a jetting registry. This topic seems t pop up every so often on all the forums.
  10. Just a suggestion, if y'all are burning through packing it may be a symptom of being too lean, worth a look checking your jetting, especially if you pt a new higher flow pipe on a bike that seems to err lean from the factory: http://www.4secondsflat.com/Spark_plug_reading.html
  11. asf

    97 xr650l no oil pressure

    The newer L line has a notch in it so it cannot be installed crooked. Not sure if all L's are like that or if that is just a modern change but the 600R line is a round collar with no notches and can be installed askew requiring bending the pipe in a bad way to allow it to bolt up to the frame.
  12. asf

    97 xr650l no oil pressure

    I primed mine with oil through a syringe and tubing through the lower oil line until I saw oil coming out the top hard line to the head then bolted everything up and re-confirmed oil was still flowing after a few seconds of idle:
  13. XRMauser, thats a great idea, what I actually thought the stocker was before I learned about the dome. Problem is that hole in the drum is mighty tiny, I think any switch the bore of the bolt will always be in contact with metal. If I could find one small enough I'm worried it may enter the hole and seize the drum in Neutral, so it would have to be a sliding lead.
  14. I never tried the IDS2 but like my FMF Q pipe, not too loud at all, good power.
  15. Thanks you've been a great help. The one I posted is the only drum I could find from a 650L picturing the correct end and it indeed has the hump. So I am guessing all 650l's have a hump and (perhaps a few later 600's do too??). Interesting since new parts are usually documented by "replaces" or "replaced by." I'm definitely not tearing it open again just to get a neutral light On paper seemed it was was a simple change of a bolt for a switch...Bummer! PS - anyone need a neutral switch assembly and all the other fixins?