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  1. shaggz

    head bolt torque

    undefined i have a xr250 2000 model and i need to know the torque of the bolts in the head of my motor???? thanx TT
  2. shaggz

    God help sorry..

    I have a 2000 model xr 250 and i need to put it togeather and i was wondering what the torque was for the head bolts are????????? are they the same as a xr400? Thanx heaps """"TT""""
  3. shaggz

    Help Help

    Gday i have to put my bike bak togeather tommoro and i just wanted to know what "torque" do the bolts in the head hav to be?? plz help thanks..
  4. shaggz

    SeaDoo in a Toy Hauler???

    yehh there is no way that will happen if u get the sea doo into the water far enuf...