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  1. revodude503

    Most modded and best looking contest.

    no they're nickleplated hubs and they need some polishing done because they've kinda dulled out.
  2. revodude503

    06/07 LTR450 Riders/Owners

    Yeah well you have to spend 5k in suspension and a arms to corner like ours can do stock. Um I'd take handling over a couple horsepower anyday.
  3. revodude503

    Post Pics Of Your Lt-r450

    Very sweet. I did the same thing by cutting the little aluminum piece that held the plastic footguards to the rear fender.
  4. revodude503

    Most modded and best looking contest.

    here's mine. I now have carbon fiber frame guards since the picture's old
  5. revodude503

    photoshop or real crf

    we bought the bike used with it already done:thumbsup: The guy said it cost like $700.00 to have it taken apart and powdercoated.
  6. revodude503

    photoshop or real crf

    Well I busted my ass to get the pics you were asking for and knowone gives a rats ass? oh well:banghead:
  7. revodude503

    LT-R450...What performance mods to get?

    I run the yoshi pipe with the cherry bomb and airbox lid removed with great results.
  8. revodude503

    photoshop or real crf

    Alright I finaly got the pics. The wheels are exel but the hubs, frame, and swingarm are powdercoated black and no signs of warping yet
  9. revodude503

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    Man there are some sick bikes on here. I'll have to get mine on once its done.
  10. revodude503

    Owners manual in pdf format?

    ]thanks alot for the offer but I think I'll just order one in the states because I can get it alot quicker.thanks for the offer though.
  11. revodude503

    graphics for black plastics

    I love the BOOKOO racing graphics and might get them myself eventually
  12. revodude503

    Need some help on Doubles

    5"10 is way to big for an 85. I outgrew my 85 expert at 5"7 120 pounds.
  13. revodude503

    photoshop or real crf

    sorry I can't get the pics up tonight. I'll get them up tomarrow for sure. As for frame guards, try lightspeed performance. All of their products are carbon fiber and very good quality. I don't know if they make them for a cr125 so you'll have to check.
  14. revodude503


    truely amazing:applause:
  15. revodude503

    Owners manual in pdf format?

    I really need one. I bought my bike used and the guy didn't have it. I don't even know how much oil or tranny oil it uses.