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  1. Tmacracin

    Looking to buy a bike

    I'm defiantly leaning towards the DRZ. Any years to stay away from?
  2. Tmacracin

    Looking to buy a bike

    Also I don't want to buy a new bike because I don't have that much extra $$ right now and I'm unsure on what I even want. I was thinking of a KTM 530 or DRZ 400?
  3. I'm wanting to buy a dual sport bike but have been away from dirt bikes for awhile and have only been riding my Harley's. My last dirt bike I owned was a CRF 450. This time I'm looking for something I can ride around town/city but still rip some mountain trails or back roads. No real long rides. I'm not stuck on brand so I'm open to any suggestions??
  4. Tmacracin

    New Dude

    I cleaned up the exhaust with a die grinder and took out the screen,its got a bog off idle so I will adjust the air screw. What should I set the carb for to run @ 2700'ft alt? Is that high comp piston kit worth the money when running a stock carb/exhaust?
  5. Tmacracin

    New Dude

    I have rode the bike and I am VERY happy with it but you can always have MORE POWER right? I think I will just jet the carb and clean up the exhaust inlet with a die grinder and call it good for now. I might order that CDI from Honda Trail Bikes later if it seems to work the best?? Thanks
  6. Tmacracin

    New Dude

    Hey Just bought a 06 Pitster 125X to use for rippin around when Im at the drag races. This is what I want to do ASAP. What do you guys think? -CDI box What make? -remove spark arrester -die grind out inlet on exhaust pipe -Rejet for 2500-2700' What jetting??? -Camshaft? Crower? -131 Kit or just high comp piston? -clip on mountain bike headlight? I dont want to work on it all the time but would like more power out of it Thanks Mac