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  1. Jmotocross9

    crf 50 street tires

    I have no pictures from but ive rode then once, 40 shipped
  2. Jmotocross9

    crf 50 street tires

    i have a pair of the IRC "Jetty MB38" brand new still have nipples, 30 for the pair, retail at 22.99 each
  3. Jmotocross9

    Running no Air box?

    since i rarely ride dust/dirt conditions lookin to remove the air boz completely and run just the filter with a skin. any suggestions on jetting? is this a worth while mod? thanks
  4. any suggestions on what to plan for jetting drz 400s 453 big bore yosh rs-3 k&n filter 3x3
  5. Jmotocross9

    sprocket gear ratio?

    16/38 i love it
  6. Jmotocross9

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    parts counter at the Yamaha-suzuki-honda-kawi dealer ship
  7. Jmotocross9

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    yep its the buell headlight.... thanks for the info
  8. Jmotocross9

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    the 02 drz400e with 453 big bore kit, hotcams, and rs-2 you think the header dent is effecting me?
  9. Jmotocross9

    Leaf Lookers Run 2008 (pics)

    gas is 3.40 here
  10. i have a 3.9 i just took off my bike and am looking to sell would take 100 for it email- jmotocross9@aim.com
  11. Jmotocross9

    Des Moines Areanacross

    nope the mechanic still has to buy his/her own pit pass
  12. Jmotocross9

    lowering kit?

    shave the seat a little ?? i was way (about4'7) to small for my 85 and i just rode around without doin anything to it and when i needed to stop i would pull up to a rock or somthin he will gradualy get use to it and im sure he will be growing soon
  13. Jmotocross9

    A few incredible MX videos

    sick vids
  14. Jmotocross9

    XR/CRF 80 Modifications

    open up the air box
  15. Jmotocross9

    New CRF 80 Owners question

    nope it just says that on my cr85