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  1. Im_D_1

    ? about Fox

    i wear fox cuz the ladies think I'm cool when I'm in my fox apparel. i also like to wear my Porsche glasses and leather jacket and gloves around all the time too
  2. are the bars your thinking of the load bars for the distribution hitch. cuz if so those are not the sway bars. this is the wd hitch http://www.drawtite-hitches.com/WD/dt_tow_beast.html this is a sway setup.its added to the wd hitch http://www.drawtite-hitches.com/WD/sway_control.htm sway set up is not required but a good idea.
  3. don't pull the straps so damn tight. did this happen on your tundra that is in your sig?
  4. speed and wind. bad combo. im sure he will be doing 55 from now on and not pass anyone anymore.
  5. the 5.4 is 300hp and 4.6 is 248hp. you must have had an old 5.4.
  6. thats becasue its a ford. a true powerhouse
  7. Im_D_1

    No CD Player?!

    so that if you wanted the changer at time of purchase it would be easier to put in. and under your dash im sure there are plugs capped off for other accesories that you don't have also.
  8. Im_D_1

    ahhhh, a nice clean bike

    brake lever is a little out of shape
  9. Im_D_1

    What's up? New to thumpertalk!

    its the great munchieu
  10. was the f150 paid for?? 2g vs what you paid for a tundra. seams like a bad move to me. is the tundra new? 25g+ vs 2g.
  11. like what??? we are surrounded by them here and have not heard of any major problems.
  12. hey my dad had a mark donahue(i think that was the name) javlin. i think it was a 1970