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    Ok folks...Need some Advice..CRF or YZ

    Honda Rules!
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    '03 Push starts only! Adjust Valves 2nd time????

    Thanks for the adivce guys. I pulled it apart and checked specs. Every valve is good excpet one intake is at .000 again. I am going to order parts tonight, any recomendations on what valves to use? Thanks again TT!
  3. I have an '03 CRF 450 with enough trail riding hours on it to burn through 1 rear tire, no odometer yet. I adjusted the valves at the beginning of this season after the bike had gotten hard to start and become prone to stalling. The vavle clearance was at .000 before the first adjustment. After my first valve adjustment the bike started, and ran great again! However after 3 weekend rides it is now harder to start than ever. Most of the time I need a push start, which works every time. I have read here that a vavle adjustment, once the clearance has gone to .000, usually only gives you another 5-10 hours of riding. My question is will adjusting my valves a second time give me a easy starting bike for another 5-10 hours??? I have a ride in 2 weeks that I don't want to miss. I believe I need to take the head off, replace the valves and have the head cut to solve the problem, but don't want to do that till winter. Does anyone know of some completed head assemblys for sale at a reasonable price?? THANKS FOR YOUR ADVICE TT!!!