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  1. BrittB

    2006 linkage update (2009?)

    The 06 is still my all time favorite 450 and yes, I've rode them all! The 2013 is very nice but not leaps and bounds better and for the price diff you can do some awesome suspension mods!
  2. BrittB

    Barn find TS250

    No, she's not mint but she does appear to be an easy restoration. Famous last words!
  3. BrittB

    Barn find TS250

    It's the first pre 71 I've even seen since the late 70's. Even then, they were always the Aspen yellow color instead of the TM400's Chrome orange. Cool bike!
  4. BrittB

    Ebay seller to avoid

    Try finding an airfilter for a 69-70 TS250. The headlight seems like a walk in the park compared to that. My latest project.
  5. BrittB

    XT500, to chop or not to chop???

    With the possible exception of the first bike, the rest of those bikes appear to be SR500's, not XT500's. Same basic engine with a bigger valve head and street bike frame. Also, if you lower it as much as they did, you will end up with a shorter wheelbase and a twitchy handling bike. To make it right, you should add a longer swingarm off of a Yamaha Raidian, then it will handle better and still look awesome.
  6. BrittB

    Barn find TS250

    This is a 1970 Suzuki TS250 barn find bike. It fairly complete and the engine is free. It's also a one owner bike and still has the original tag on it! It's also the last year for chrome fenders on the TS250.
  7. BrittB

    Tire suggestions for 09 kx450 f (moto-x only)

    A couple of things I would try is to drop the front pressure to 10 or 11 psi and lower the forks in the triple clamps a little. Testing and adjustments first before you replace it.
  8. BrittB

    Tire suggestions for 09 kx450 f (moto-x only)

    Metzeler MC4 or Mich S12 will do the job very nicely. I know the terrain your refering to.
  9. BrittB

    Will the '09-10 IMS tank fit the '11 KX450?

    Did everything still connect up well?
  10. BrittB

    Will the '09-10 IMS tank fit the '11 KX450?

    It's different. The pump has been clocked to a different position and I think the pump outlet is in a different position too.
  11. BrittB

    New Spanish project: Pursang 450

    I like that the bike has a name in this world of letters and numbers. first rider "What do ya ride?" second rider "I've got a Pursang 450!" first rider "Awesome!"
  12. BrittB

    Flat Track Setup Honda CRF 450

    After a summer of riding the CRF, do you have any updates?
  13. BrittB

    Flat Track Setup Honda CRF 450

    Pay close attention to the pictures. In the background of one of them is a few sets of racing leathers. One set says Halbert #43 on them which is Sam Halbert. in another picture, you can see a number plate decal on the door in the background, the number is 68 which is Jethro, his brother. These guys are NW legends. As for the part they are selling, maybe it's more for fine tuning than to be the total drop thing. Is that a Penske shock on that YZ?
  14. BrittB

    Flat Track Setup Honda CRF 450

    Check out this item for lowering you rear suspension. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/flattrack-dirttracker-flat-track-dirt-track-supermoto_W0QQitemZ220561835295QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotorcycles_Parts_Accessories?hash=item335a82851f