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  1. wsmc99

    Want to retain stock 36 carb and add cams

    So what is the preferred jet kit for the stock 36 carbs? Is Eddie still around? He could real off exact specs for a setup off the top of his head!
  2. wsmc99

    Want to retain stock 36 carb and add cams

    Thank you all for the replies. I've had a 470 SM with FCR, but this a very multipurpose bike. I don't want an FCR because it see's a lot of different elevations and I don't want to keep messing with that. The current stock carb has a DJ kit in it as I recall but not the other pilot (?) 42.5 if I recall. I commute on this bike, go to Baja and other dirt riding trips on it and it makes an occasional trip to the track in SM form. Primarily dirt and commuting. If there is a better Jet kit/configuration I'm open to that with the cam set. As for suspension, Ohlins TC rear shock and Race Tech valving and springs up front! ;-) Always invest in suspension first. I've had this bike for about 8 years, has Hot Rods crank and Rod in it.
  3. I have an '04 S with E base gasket, 3x3, Leo Vince full system with quiet insert. Want to optimize without going crazy. E-cams/Hot Cam Stage 2 with the stock 36 carb. What sort of carb modifications would fit that?I know, I'm not getting the most out of it with the 36 Thanks in advance, Tony
  4. Anyone have a source? I've looked around and it seems (maybe due to liability?) that the one's that were out there are now gone. Want to put Brembo radials on the Adventure! Someone on this forum was mentioned, but can't find him. KevInyorks?
  5. wsmc99

    Head Bolt Torque

    "Using clean lightly oiled head bolt threads and the OEM steel washers, with the machined flat side toward the head, TQ the bolts following the sequence found in the service manual, with a final torque of 43 ft lb (yes that is higher then what the service manual says, we believe the misprint in the manual of 34 ft lb is just another mistake found and uncorrected in the written service manual)" Can someone tell me why they suspect that 34 ft-lb is a misprint? How did they verify that 43 is the correct spec? Thanks, TD
  6. wsmc99

    TE 450 engine life

    2010 TE's now have a one-piece hose with an integral Y in it. Any Husky dealer should be able to source it.
  7. I don't see how pointing out public information of a factual nature is "hammering"? People should be held accoutable for their actions.
  8. Loosen all of your pinch bolts, grab the front brakes and bounce the front forks a few times, that should center everything. Retighten.
  9. http://www.dustincoleman.com/Thumpertalk_Files/Gearing.xls I have an S with 3x3 and dj kit. The power peaks at about 7k rpm and is really gone by about 8.5k. I have 15/41 on my sm wheels to keep it in the sweet spot at about 65-80mph. 15/44 for the dirt wheels.
  10. wsmc99

    DRZ400 SM in San Diego? What shop?

    There are lots of nice used ones in the area, why pay the new bike premium at a dealer? Between here and Orange county there should be a few with mods that are $1-2k below new and probably have only about 3k miles on them. For a new one, I would check Victorville Suzuki. They were usually below any SD list and no setup BS fees. They will give you a real OTD price over the phone.
  11. wsmc99

    what brand is the stock chain

    No, any O-ring 520 master will do.
  12. wsmc99

    SM 1\4 mile times?

    How's the saying go again..."Never bring a knife...."?
  13. wsmc99

    SM 1\4 mile times?

    Drag racing a DRZ...talk about underwhelming!!!! At least you can finish your latte before you have to chop the throttle!
  14. wsmc99

    ahh yosh header melted hole in rad

    I thought someone said you could take out the rubber inserts in the rad mounts and shift them up so the pipe clears?
  15. I used the copper stuff. Has higher temp rating than all the others.