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  1. fmf-crf

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    i think i may have to find somewhere else to perform a few power runs for me, i also had doubts about the torque figure, but my mechanic told me the things an animal and it makes heaps of torque..so i was like yeah schweet just let me race the thing, unfortunantley i was unable to actually view my bike on the dyno - ( next time ill be right there with her).. do you guy's think the dyno that it was ran on just needs calibrating or some form of maintenance. thanks guys...
  2. fmf-crf

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    thanks bud, the guy at the place where i get it dyno'd reccomended/fitted it for use on the dyno, but was losing susbstancial ammounts of power through doing so, due to the fact that the tyre was so narrow it was so so hard to weight correctly, we changed to a wide enough tyre without spacers/mods weighted it properly, tinkerd with the suspension whacked her on a dyno an BOOF!!! extra 4 ponies.... so yeah that tyre copped a fryin
  3. fmf-crf

    possible to polish clutch cover???

    my polished clutch cover with gold honda insert
  4. yea, the stock gearing ratio is 13f 51r, try drop the rear to a 50, just to get a lil longer drive through each gear,
  5. fmf-crf

    Bars on a CRF250

    do afam still make their "flex system" bars? they were pretty good, i had a set on my 125 just about unbreakable/unbendable, and felt good to ride with..
  6. fmf-crf

    Bars on a CRF250

    renthal fatbars - (McGrath bend ) awesome bars love em..
  7. fmf-crf

    possible to polish clutch cover???

    yeah u can do it, if u wanna see some pics heres some of my o5 with ignition and clutch covers polished.. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=331120&page=64
  8. fmf-crf

    FMF Power Bomb motox

    i also added an fmf system after building my engine top 2 bottom, but i chose the factory 4.1 system with a powerbomb headder ( mines the torque pipe though ) only problem i found installing the system was that FMF sent out the wrong sleeve for the headder to slip into the can, the sleeve was only big enough to fit the stock headder, the powerbomb is considerably larger.. but fmf sent me out the correct sleeve and now is all good... I reccomend these systems ....
  9. fmf-crf

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    heya people's, this here is my o5' well what can i say, um i don't realy wanna babble on but heres a brief list of what she's packin... Stage II camshaft ( also have stock cam re-ground by HRC Australia ) Re-Ground crankshaft JE 13.5:1 high-comp piston Head ported polished and flowed Full FMF factory 4.1 titanium system ( torque pipe ) ( annodoized muffler ) Twin-Air "powerflo" basket and filter JD jetting Procircuit clutch springs Hinson pressure + drive plates New Valves, retainers cotters ect.. Boyessen ' quickshot ' accelerator pump cover Also just scored a new vortex x-10 racing ignition for xmas just gotta wait for my mechanic to re-open over xmas.. to fit her on and whack it back on a dyno... the dyno sheet was just after the exhaust and re-jetted 33.03rwhp pretty much stock, but made a fair bit of torque 37.04lb. i also have annother sheet to post. this ones @ 38.03rwhp ( lost approx 4.0rwhp due to that stupid rear tyre and also the fact that we couldn't quite balance/weight the rear rim properly.. my mechanic said he did get a couple of runs out of her with the power figures hanging around the low 40's at the rear...still be happay if the bike can keep these figures constantly. after the holidays ill post what we run with the vortex ignition and a few other bit/peices maching bla bla. anyways enjoy and merry christmas to everyone
  10. fmf-crf


    Renthal R-1 Works gold chain
  11. fmf-crf

    Most modded and best looking contest.

    yeah pretty mad dudes in there, bike looks nice man
  12. fmf-crf

    Most modded and best looking contest.

    so did advantage do the carb work for you? they built my cr-f 2 weeks ago, and managed 42.3hp
  13. fmf-crf

    Port and polish

    where abouts in aus are u dude i may be able to hook u up?
  14. fmf-crf

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    Link712........ that things pretty mad dude
  15. fmf-crf

    High Comp. Piston Question

    i run a 13.51 h.c piston in my practice bike and usually run ELF MOTO 4 T-2M race fuel, think the octane level of that is 99.5ron, never had any problems with it... best fuel around