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  1. So about two months ago I picked up a 2001 wr426. I've been riding it about twice a month for a few hours each time. The bike runs greats and has tons of power. Today I did a oil change on it and this is what I found in the oil filter. The oil looked clean. The filter had what to me seams like a large amount of metal. None of my other bikes have had this much. Is this something I have to worry about?
  2. I just picked up a 2001 wr426 and the previous owner put on a E-line stator. The issue I am having is getting a shifter that fits with this stator since it sticks out so far. The current one is hokey dokie and bent in every which way. Does anyone know what shifter lever I could use? If not a simple fix how hard would it be for me to put it back to stock? The original owner gave me the stock cover but that's it.
  3. neil11

    disconnecting odometer

    ya i was wondering casue i just bought a used drz and wanted to make sure the guy didnt unplug it and ride it around. i guess ill never know
  4. neil11

    disconnecting odometer

    i have a 07 drz400 and was wondering if there is any way to disconnect the odometer. if so how hard is it and how do you do it.
  5. whats the maintenance like on the drz400. how reliable is the bike
  6. will a klx rear wheel fit on a xr70.
  7. neil11

    any suggestions?

    ya i have been checking both of those for a while now and havent seen one yet.
  8. i started up my xr70 and it smokes like crazy. do you guys have any idea what it can be or what i need to buy to make it stop smoking. thanks
  9. where can i find a xr70 rear wheel or crf70 rear wheel. i am deserperate for one. i need one asap. thanks
  10. i have a 1999 xr 70. will a 50 rear wheel fit on this bike and does it make a differentce on the year or sprocket size.
  11. i have been searching for a few weeks but ebay and every where else dont have any. i need a cheep stock rear wheel for a 1999 xr70. do you guys have any suggestions on what to do. i am desperate for one. and will any other year rear wheel fit my 70. thanks
  12. i just pick up a 1999 xr70 and was wondering how much oil does it take and does it have a oil filter.
  13. neil11

    how to stop sand

    would duck taping the air vents be bad for the engine?
  14. neil11

    how to stop sand

    is there anyway to stop sand from going into the air filter. whenever i go riding in pismo i come back with the sandiest airfilter. is there a way to stop it? do they make something to cover the air vents on the side?
  15. neil11

    cheap complet wheel?

    where can i find a cheap complete back wheel. i was also wondering if anyone has heard of a warp 9 complete back wheel? are they any good.