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  1. twoburgers

    Living with a 2010 Husky TE510!

    I've got a '07, but it needs to be said again that DanBart has provided some great info to the community - and it is an interesting read even for us non-FI guys. Chris
  2. twoburgers

    08-09 CRF50 Prices

    For new CRF's, I've seen them sell at list ($1,300 plus prep and tax) here in Richmond, and I've seen dealers in Northern Virginia advertise old stock for as little as $800 and $900 (this was just a few weeks before Christmas). So, waiting may pay off, but if it does not, be prepared to pay full retail if it must be under the tree. Now to address the new vs used issue. I was able to find a like new '07 CRF 50 about 30 minutes away and paid $850 (fall of '09). It looked to be yard ridden for no more than 4 hours. I was fine with the find, figuring that my son will ride it more than that on the first day once he gets his hands on it (I purchased it one year early - he'll get it Christmas of 2010). One could certainly pay less that $850 and get a very nice used xr/CRF 50 - it's all what you are willing to pay, market demand, and luck. I figure the money I saved will buy some really good gear to keep my son safe. Hope this helps other dads out there. I searched using Craigslist. Best, Chris
  3. twoburgers

    NEW Husqvarna CR 50 Minicycle breaks cover!!!!

    One thing for sure, if Husky is making a 65 when my son is ready, we'll be making a father/son trip to Bottones. I just purchased a CRF 50 for NEXT Christmas, so time is on my side. I wonder if Ride will give the first ride report... Chris
  4. twoburgers

    I like being different but...

    I have to get in on this one... I purchased my '07 TE 510 back in 10/06 (first batch delivered) because of the advice from a few very experienced riders out west that had real world experience with both current EXC and TE models. Neither the impressive history of Husky nor the availability of a t-shirt entered the equation - I just wanted the best bike my cash would buy for the riding I wanted to do. Three years later at the '09 Shenandoah 500 (250 person DS ride here in VA) there were about 10 Husky's in a sea of orange. Even now, I get compliments on my bike. I am 40 now, and there are a precious few purchases I have made in my life that have delivered such a positive ownership experience (including Porsche and Mercedes). I lack a local dealer, but Bottones in PA and MotoXotica out west always take care of what I need. If I need a t-shirt, I can always get a Harley. And I'm not knocking KTM - may end up getting a 65 for my son in a couple of years... Chris
  5. twoburgers

    2006 CRF 50 carb tuning

    I just purchased a very low hour '07 CRF 50 for my son that has the exact same issue - light bog off of idle and the RPM's seem to hang. Is this normal? Where did you purchase the needle and was it easy to install? Thanks, Chris
  6. twoburgers

    Lift stand?

    I have a similar knock-off. I would have prefered to get the one that has a hydro shock to "catch" the bike when you drop it from the lift position. Not a big deal, but... CB
  7. twoburgers

    07 Husky TE510 Overheating

    I have a '07 TE 510, w/ JD, Y splitter, 4 gal IMS, no rad guards, Engine Ice, std rad cap, run 93 oct gas and do not have issues now. I did when running in tight first gear clutching situations, but the the Y and E Ice, I have not boiled since. Note that my "boil" was first.) the stock cross over tube (rad to rad) burst and 2.) the hose at the overflow tank blew off. Also, I have had the rad cap release a bit of pressure also, but never lost more that 1/2 a cup. Could you have a hose with a hole the only leaks coolant when under pressure (hot)? Let us know how it works out. Also, remember to keep a bit of coolant in the tank to minimize the chance of a steam melt. Chris
  8. twoburgers

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    add unemployed before the latter... looking for a Business Intelligence / Business Systems Analyst role in Richmond, VA - $1K fee paid!!!
  9. twoburgers

    new 06 te 510 owner and had a jetting question

    If you are not very comfortable, just order the JD jetting kit, intall it and be done with it. You may also be close to a great dealer Bottones in PA. Like someone else said, get a good base (filter...) amd work from there. I have the 07 - same bike just different color. Part are readily avail, so just order what you need for te carb and get it right. Good luck. And check the valves too. Chris
  10. twoburgers

    SPAM ALERT! -- OSET electric trials bikes for kids

    A friend told me about the Oset's a little over a year ago. I was leaning towards the obligatory Honda 50, but there are many up-sides to the Oset IMO. My son has been riding his little Raleigh bike with training wheels now for about 6 months - he's 3.75 yrs. I figure he will be ready for a 16" Oset next Christmas. I'm going to make sure he is solid w/o training wheels before introducing him to the Oset. I think the biggest benefit is that he will be able to ride in the back yard, making his own courses and his skills grow. And as time and skill allows, I will move him up to a gas bike. Anyway, I'll be watching for all the commentary here on how these units work for our kids. My only thought is that there should be a pad on the handlebar stem, and I want to know what kind of helmet Oliver is using in the recent videos. Best regards, Chris Richmond, VA
  11. twoburgers

    IMS warning!

    Update 5 - I got a new production tank that fit properly. IMS took back and credited me on both tanks (the orig and the poor fit replacement). So far so good. A PITA, but IMS did stand behind their product, and it isn't fugly like the Clarke tanks... Chris
  12. twoburgers

    Te510 stand issues

    At 800 miles my forks started leaking too. I had the seals replaced and installed a pair of shock sox - no problems since. Ditto on what the others have said about the side stand - loose equals floppy. Good luck. Chris
  13. twoburgers

    You ride a husky? What's your profession?

    That's cool! I visit there to figure out some of the little nagging issues I have w/ my new to me 1,290 mile 97 Boxster - besides that the first owner did not drive it. For example, I could not turn the key to start the damn car after work today (35 min wait:censored: ) - and I had somewhere to go... second time for that one. Probably connected to SRS ground issue not yet resolved... Chris
  14. twoburgers

    2008 TE450... love the bike but....

    Even the '07 set up will require a trim of the dangling bottom most reflector - IF you are working the rear suspension fully. It appears there is just a bit too much flex in the rear fender. Or I could loose wome weight. And given it's 2:58a and I'm snacking, that ain't likely. The '07 license plate "issue" has been discussed before. I love saying that... Chris