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  1. Muddyswampdonkey

    Help! Where to Ride in NW USA in early February

    Looks like you need 6 bikes to beat that trail in😎
  2. Muddyswampdonkey

    Help! Where to Ride in NW USA in early February

    hey Boys....i haven't posted here is YEARS! I am 1/5 of the BC guys headed south. BC Extreme is a busy guy with work so i will start replying as well. We would love trail guides! hell beers on us! I myself have only been south riding 3x. twice to florence and once to a scramble at a off road park south of seattle. Luke BCExtreme said we grind out hard single track north or boarder all the time. ...usually uglier the better. This trip isnt necessarily looking for that(although no complaints) we want to ride stuff we dont see every day. coos Bay tour would be amazing also moon rocks looks pretty interesting.
  3. Muddyswampdonkey

    '07 Wr250 feedback - possible purchase

    i was first worried about the extra weight compared to other 2 strokes but the weight is down low and the bike feals very "flickable".But i came off a 06 crf 450 so anything feals light.Iam riding a demo bike 06 wr250 and waiting for my 08 to arive,i took a loss on my 450 but am happy to do so.In the tight rough single track here on the coast the power delivery of the motor is near perfect.Although after a 20min rough trail and when into the open it bogs briefly and seams to take a second to get the cob webs out so to speak. I absolutly hate the kick starter it feels like iam staring a cr80 with to much compression. I know of 4 ktm 300 bike owners that all have the same models and all run differently out of the box.........hows that for quality control oh yeah the husky is more than $2000 cheaper than the ktm and resale for both sucks
  4. Muddyswampdonkey

    opinion on single track bike's please!!

    xr 400 probably weighs 20+lbs more than my 450= not good ive seen the 200 in the trails,i dont know if i could handle the power or lack of after coming of a 450r ,not to mention iam a 185lb guy and climbin:cry: why is the sprocket on the oppisite side ,i would have thought that the same tranny would have been used in a few models.
  5. Muddyswampdonkey

    opinion on single track bike's please!!

    one more question why the hell is the sprocket not on the conventional left side ,all other husky models are
  6. Muddyswampdonkey

    opinion on single track bike's please!!

    yes iam thinking the ktm 300 would overall be the better bike but its almost $3000 more than the $5800 cdn dollar husky More or less ive decided on the husky unless there is some hidden problems iam not aware of. thx guys:cheers:
  7. Muddyswampdonkey

    opinion on single track bike's please!!

    its a toss up between the ktm 300 and the 250wr husky.....................the hausky is winning because of the price,,,,heres the next question ive read that the ktm 300 has tons of tourqe but a "husky" guy i talked too said he'e riden both and the wr 250 has more bottom end for the slow stuff??? New husky on the way i guess ,i never thought i would ride a chinsaw:lol:
  8. ok,I have a 06 450r weighted flywheel,bushguards,51 sprocket I ride technical knarly single track on the bc coast (wet/roots/rocks) I came off a 02 yz 250 set for the bush and thought i could get more "electric" with the 4 stroke and the 250f's dont have the power for those hillclimbs. I have rode a husky wr250 2006 and absolutly loved it ,i rode just as fast on a borrowed bike...........what a piss off anyway before i sell the 450r pack horse for the lightweight deer what other bikes should i consider before i make another mistake. Ktm 250/300 smoker,husky wr250,go back to the yz'z with maybe a 285 kit or buck up and ride what i got oh ya i like the $5800 out the door price tag of a new 250 husqavara:applause:
  9. Muddyswampdonkey

    what bike??Help!!

    I have a 06 crf450r ,bush guards,weighted flywheel,51 rear sprocket. I hate it and love it,lots of power but nimble as a pack mule I have had the chance to ride a huskie wr 250 and absolutly loved it,and am considering doing the change........but dont whant to make another mistake the other choice would be the ktm 300.What i liked about the huski was it was almost stall proof,very handy on the knarly hillclimbs,oh and the 5800$ price tag too:applause: I ride very technical single track in lowermainland BC,very rocky/muddy and roots. I need a deer.............not a pack horse:excuseme:
  10. Muddyswampdonkey

    When To Change Top End?

    wiesco....................i would run honda stuff i havent had good luck with wiesco(sleds)
  11. Muddyswampdonkey

    post ur bikes from canada

    iam imbarassed to show you pics of mine.2006 honda 450r that looks like a 86' I race pnwma and the bush absolutly beats your bike,Ill take some bike at the race this weekend and post them up sunday:ride:
  12. Muddyswampdonkey

    arm pump!

    masterbation also works:applause:
  13. Muddyswampdonkey

    06 CRF450R bottom end knock?

    all the motors "knock" what your hearing likely is just the new 4 stroke engine they do make knocking noise slightly-just the engine working ,dont idle your bike to long
  14. Muddyswampdonkey

    what tires to run

    450's rip tires apart,on the west coast here tons of muddy rutted trails with slippery roots,i run the kenda millville or southwick................they are cheap and seam to work well,i love michelins but $$$ is also a consideration
  15. Muddyswampdonkey

    abbotsford track

    i think you are talking about mission raceway