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  1. Everybody put a IMS tank on a 16 or 17 and how many miles are you getting out of the stock tank riding single track
  2. definitely surprised how much power the WR puts out after uncorking it, is the 2017 any different then the 16 as far as the different setting go?
  3. looking for a heavier one, any suggestions on a source as trail Tec will not be making one...
  4. recieved my notice today...04 EXC...looks like Im going to be an outlaw since I refuse to pay for an ORV if the state is sweeping the NOVA fund again....
  5. They are planing on sweeping the snowmobile grooming funds as well now...
  6. This is a fall colors thread not a FAIL one
  7. GP your msg is full.....clear that thing
  8. be riding that area on the 10/11, hope the snow stays away.....
  9. I know I have seen these pics someplace before.....LOL who is Ron on here....
  10. you wont want to leave...none of the cali people do!!!!!
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