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  1. n2dirt

    Lucas S1 = Yamaha S1 fork oil?

    I would have to say that this is shock oil.
  2. n2dirt

    MX Tech Triple Adjuster

    BTW: I have a National shock....with N2D settings and linkage. It's the baddest shock on the planet. We did some serious testing on it at GH and Mammoth at the Pro level.
  3. n2dirt

    MX Tech Triple Adjuster

    Yes we have installed several and have tested extensively. Does it work? Yes. Does it work well enough for an average trail rider to benefit from it. Maybe. The problem isn't the stock adjuster it's the valve stack on it. Most have bleed and it makes the adjuster less effective. Any WP shock revalve needs this stack to be considered. There are many different settings that come in these bikes but just like a fork the mid and base need to be tuned in unison. Our biggest issue is customers not having a clue what any of it does. A lot of riders don't know how to use the stock adjuster. Add another clicker and people have no clue. I end up getting so many questions and guys give up and just ask me to do the tuning. This is perhaps why WP insists on removing adjustment. I don't know. In the last couple years MXT has made serious changes in their business plan. They are now only focused on developing their own components(shock, fork). So tech support and sales to dealers and DIYers really doesn't exist. Parts like the triple adjuster are still for sale but probably won't last much longer. As someone else said MXT products are best purchased from dealers.
  4. n2dirt

    MX Tech AER leaf spring mid valve

    The rubber cap is for the rebound clicker.
  5. In the discussion on AER pressure and ride height you now have to keep in mind that the 2020 fork is going to have to run a higher pressure. This is due to a softer pressure spring and smaller balance chamber volume. A step in the wrong direction to me.
  6. I would go luckys. I like them over KYB. Much lighter too.

    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Like New

    WP forks with KYB Fork Conversion DLC Lower Coating Fresh Rebuild Fit KTM / Husky 16 Setup for 160 - 190 motocross No damage Easy adjusters compression Enzo spring tubes Lighter pressure springs


    - US

  8. n2dirt

    Bar clamps 17+

    The luxon clamps are really well made and look rad. TI hardware and so much stronger than oem or other aftermarket clamps. https://luxonmx.com/product-luxon-ktm-husqvarna-bar-mounts.html
  9. n2dirt

    2006 crf250r enduro setup

    Suspension direct is the best source for shims.
  10. n2dirt

    Ktm xcw 200 rear shock

    Use oem parts or SKF only. PDS shocks really should be assembled with a shock bleeder. Check the rebound adjuster they frequently seize up.
  11. n2dirt

    2019 RMZ 250 fork spring length

    Yes the Yamaha has been leaf since 2018.
  12. n2dirt

    Crf450 2015

    Good info but start with a merge link. Most of this bikes issue begin with the shock.
  13. n2dirt

    Mx Tech Lucky System

    Race proven.
  14. n2dirt

    OEM springs, possible to tell spring rate?

    We use intercomp spring tester. These are very very accurate for all Springs. We calibrate once a year. Even with this spring tester Fork Springs are not the easiest to measure and there is variance. The rates are so light that there is a margin of error.
  15. n2dirt

    Beta 300 2018/2019 engine vibrations

    We are on the 2nd moto from Beta because of the excessive vibration. 2019 250RR The bike is literally rattling apart. Axle nuts. Swing arm pivot. They can't get any thing to stay tight because of the vibration. They must have an issue with crankshaft balancing. Do we teardown a brand new motor just to get the crank in balance?