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  1. yeah, surprising that yami got some in the 90's eh! this is the only CR250 i've ever dreamed of having: mcgrath's famous '96 CR250
  2. yeah always warm up the bike before loading it not just on bikes, even on cars you're driving.... don't believe in the saying that modern engine design these days doesn't require stand-still warm ups and that warming up is a thing of the past
  3. dtkiko

    Poor traction

    heard from some riders here that the stock front tire on the YZ250 (i don't know about the new issue for the '09 model) is the thing to hate in cornering. change that to another tire, but specifically, i don't know what brand/ type should you replace it with. ask those 3 blokes NOW (PM them if you have to) i mentioned earlier. you'll get the best tip from them
  4. the most excellent idea ever! with too much wheelspin thereafter, sure the bike feels a lot lighter
  5. hey dao (shall not envy), tell us more about your small-bore woods weapon and post some more pics.... how do you find it in the trails? how much do you weigh? i'm planning to get back onto the 125 blue!
  6. dtkiko

    Just installed my hour meter (pics)

    i'd rather wanna see the whole pic of your shiny '09 blue 250, mate! ....more than anything else ...and tell us what you think about your '05 and the new bike
  7. dtkiko

    Poor traction

    should have better tires? 22.5 mm offset? rear sag set between 100 to 120 mm, a suspension revalve by whom.... i really don't know. better ask mxjosh, upallnight, and booger who know more about their MX stuff....
  8. dtkiko

    06 YZ250- 3 brand pipe shootout by me.

    almost everyone says that FMF fatty is just like the stock pipe, so i didn't bother trying one. had an FMF gnarly and powercore combo just so recently and sold it, and i'm happy to have done so well, the stock pipe on the '08 YZ250 is excellent. don't have any issues with it powerwise, especially now that i like the way how my bike is jetted for it.... and so i believe it was the best pipe, until i got hold of the DEP (just the head pipe) coupled with the stock silencer.... things are more exciting now anyone else posted here about the DEP full-combo? i'd like to hear what they thought/ think about it.
  9. dtkiko

    Eric Gorr yz 295 VS crf450r

    wow, the 295 is bit pricey but way cheaper than the max power though.... have you had your 285 tested on with the DEP pipe you sold me? oh by the way, i had the DEP restored by a professional pipe works guy.... now, i need to test it if i didn't lose some of the performance gain i had originally with the pipe when i got it from you
  10. dtkiko

    Mobil 1 2t all gone - What do I use now?

    yeah, motul 800 offroad 2T is quite a cash registry.... but try motul 710 2T, it's the one i'm generally using now and is cheaper compared to the 800. i like it a lot too. i recently did try castrol TTS (it's a 2-stroke oil that i found here in europe and brought home one-liter). can't tell so much about it so far as i still haven't used it for the long-haul (i just have had 2 trail rides during my homeleave using it). initial feel compared to the 710 you can't really tell.... nah, not at all. it should also be a good oil, by the way, since it's also a bit pricey
  11. dtkiko

    Wow! Nice transworld article....really

    of all, indeed.... it's jason who happened to be more sensible
  12. thanks, man.... but excuse me for the showa carbon fiber fork guards
  13. yeah, indeed! ....and who wouldn't envy him! ....me compared to my bike