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  1. YAM93

    2006 YZ250F dies when given throttle

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of great members here with helpful knowledge to share. I've had my 2006 YZ-250F since summer of 2006 and have had nothing but great performance from it. The only time it will bog is when the gas sits a few months and gets old. But I take care of it like a baby. Still runs as good as the first week I had it, but I only ride in the good weather the last few years, and spent a lot more time the last 3 years doing other things and riding my street bikes. Had major back surgery in 2016 and am looking forward to riding more this year. Recovery has been a long road, and I won't be able to pretend I'm Travis Pastrana any more hahaha, but that's life. I will always appreciate all the fun I had while owning the Yamaha and look forward to a few more good years yet to come. I will be happy with even a few nice rides at this point. The body has taken a severe beating since I started riding in 1976.
  2. Air Filter, Oil & Oil Filter, Gas Tank drain, Carb check, done. Fork Bushings, Seals & Oil being done now. Overall clean-up will be next, then probably swingarm bearings, shock O-rings, cable lube, brake fluid. Similar progress made on the sportbikes.
  3. KLIM - INDUCTION - at REVZILLA (Available Pre-Order only right now) FLY - PATROL - at Motorcycle Superstore or REVZILLA Fly - 8th Street Mesh - Motorcycle Closeouts (right now a few left at INSANE price of $ 85. This is my favorite, I paid nearly twice as much a year ago and well worth it. FLY - COOLPRO 2 Alpinestars - Breeze Air Cortech - GX SPORT AIR 3 FirstGear - MeshTex or Adventure Mesh Shift - Backdraft Mesh ICON - Anthem or Citadel Joe Rocket - Phoenix 5.0 I'm sure Rev'it, Power Trip, Olympia, River Road, Speed and Strength and Scorpion have some nice ones also. Enjoy and Happy Riding !
  4. YAM93

    Oil grade?

    Maxima Maxum4 Premium Motor Oil (most affordable and personally I think the best, been running this since I got my bike in 2006 and it's working perfect) (20w50) Maxima Maxum 4 Premium Motor Oil is a superior product featuring an exclusive blend of petroleum base stocks and advanced anti-wear, anti-shear additives, this product assures viscosity stability for high performance engines. Features: Contains extra anti-scuff additives to handle extreme loads and peak Viscosity Stable Reduces friction and engine temperatures High temperature additive system Formulated for “Wet” clutches All weather formula Easy starts Reduces engine wear Premium petroleum base Exceeds JASO-MA M/C 4T Specs Exceeds API SG/CC Specs For all air and water-cooled 4-cycle gasoline engines
  5. YAM93

    Any 40+ guys here?

    When the Law of Diminishing Fun equals the Law of Increasing Pain, or the injuries are so bad that you absolutely cannot do it..... that's when i'll step away from bikes. Have been riding in one form or another since 1976, am 42 years old. No plans to stop, ever. Have had my share of accidents over the years ( I can definitely say helmet, armor, good boots, full gear in general, have saved my life and injuries a few times ).... Was rear-ended really hard on the track couple years ago, put me in the hospital and knocked me out of riding for nearly a year. Was still able to do a little bit and also mountain biking and ride my street motorcycles which I always do anyhow. As long as your lung is not so punctured you can still breathe without drowning in your own blood, massive pain, or spitting blood, I mean, ask your doctor, but, I'd say, recover the best you can and go for it. You don't have to race or go fast to have fun.
  6. ProGrip 3450 - Best OTG (Over-The-Glasses) goggles with decent anti-glare, anti-fog, UV-reduction, photochromatic (darkens with intensity of sunlight) lens, good scratch-resistance, lasts a long time. Smith OTG - 2nd best OTG, double-lens, anti-fog, tinted, with optional nose-guard installed, has worn well the past few years and decent scratch resistance. SPY Targa 3 MX - seem to fit OTG pretty well, very clear lens, good optics, great for riding on cloudy days or woods / trail riding. Only owned one season, seem to hold up well so far.
  7. YAM93

    Thor Motocross Impact Rig SE

    Thor Gear, lasts forever, Totally Tech !
  8. YAM93

    T.M. Designworks Bolt-On Super Protector

    Rear Chain Guide, Excellent
  9. YAM93

    Bell Sports Moto 8 Helmet

    Bell Moto 8 or 9 ... Double-Giggity !!
  10. 1 review

    Bell Moto-8 Psycho Manic Helmet The Bell Moto-8 has quickly become standard issue at race tracks all over the country not to mention on the trails and in the desert where its top-notch ventilation really shines through. And it rsquo;s really no surprise- the Moto-8 is one of the lightest coolest most comfortable helmets ever. Featuring the super lightweight Kevlar reg; carbon fiber fiberglass TriMatrix trade; Composite Shell state-of-the-art Velocity Flow Ventilation trade; system and a bevy of other tasty features the Moto-8 is the helmet of choice for serious racers everywhere. Features: Super lightweight Kevlar reg; carbon fiber fiberglass TriMatrix trade; Composite shell Fully adjustable Flying Bridge Visor trade; with air intake vents Velocity Flow Ventilation trade; system for maximum cooling Removable and washable antibacterial antimicrobial interior comfort liner QuickFlip trade; visor screws for easy adjustment even with gloves on Fully ventilated EPS-lined chin bar Integrated vented roost guard Exclusive Magnafusion trade; magnetic strap keeper Patent Pending Padded chin strap with D-ring closure Six sizes for a custom fit Comes with spare visor and helmet bag The Moto-8 comes in a padded lined Bell Helmet Bag Matching visor and vent refresh kits available for order Five-year warranty WEIGHT: 1350 grams Snell 2005 rating
  11. YAM93

    Smith Sport Optics Option OTG Goggles

    Very nice also got the extra nose-guard piece.
  12. YAM93

    Moose Racing Racing Handguards

  13. YAM93

    Moose Racing Racing Handguard Mounts

  14. YAM93

    Unabiker Racing Radiator Guards

    Gold anodized, Excellent
  15. YAM93

    Moose Racing Racing Case Saver Guards