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  1. azfabguy

    ? for those of you using stock tail light

    it fits. i got it from wheelingcyclesupply.com. here is the thread and the guy posted pics http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-364330.html best $20 i have spent. i even used the lighted bolts for my plate. from http://www.designengineering.com/products.asp?m=sc&cid=5
  2. azfabguy

    ? for those of you using stock tail light

    i just replaced my 1157 with the led unit. it made a huge difference!
  3. azfabguy

    650r horn install

    has anyone installed a stand alone horn (no kit)on a stock 650r?
  4. the vapor took me maybe 2 hours to install. it took me longer to fab the mount than it took to intall the unit and program it.
  5. azfabguy

    correct running temp on 650R

    i am glad i am not the only one that worries when the temp creeps up past 240
  6. azfabguy

    Anyone w/ cast wheels on XR650R?

    there is a guy over at supermotojunkie.com that has done it and has pics and info on the swap
  7. azfabguy

    xr650r street legal

    my last tank of fuel netted me 43 mpg
  8. azfabguy

    The White Bobber Semimotard Rat 600R

    looks real close like the bike from the magazine. looks great!
  9. azfabguy

    Trailtech Vapor - retain its memory ?

    i like mine
  10. azfabguy

    Trailtech Vapor - retain its memory ?

    my vapor will retain most of the settings when the battery dies. i will have to reset the time at that point. the front wheel sensor is a stand alone unit and the kit comes with all of the parts and directions to install it as well as a cap to plug the stock unit on the wheel when you remove the cable.
  11. azfabguy

    650r electrical help

    does the stock xr 650 r have any 12 vdc circuits on it or is it all ac voltage? i want to hook up a inline brake light switch and a "stock looking" tail/ brake light. any help?
  12. azfabguy

    First Post on XR forum - New XR650R

    there is a guy in SF cali. who is using 600 f3 front wheels and 900rr rear wheels on the 650r's. you can find him over at supermotojunkie.com
  13. azfabguy

    XR's only Beware

    they have good to me as well.
  14. azfabguy

    Installing a VAPOR

    I love my vapor! it was a snap to install. i ended up building a custom mount for it.
  15. azfabguy

    650r rpm @ idle

    I have a 06 650r "uncorked", what rpm should it idle at?