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  1. 9Lives

    Kennedy Meadows: Jun 28-29 2014

    I remember that. Definitely different when they let you ride right threw that area.
  2. 9Lives

    Kennedy Meadows: Jun 28-29 2014

    It doesn't have to. Used to connect to Rattlesnake. Ken is Chad or Samir or any of the old group on here anymore? I browsed over the forum and don't see any of them. I know Larry's moved to Arizona and Dave has just recently moved out of state to.
  3. 9Lives

    Yet Another Kennedy Meadows: Jul 5-7 '13

    Boy I haven't seen that report in years. Has me thinking maybe it's time to start riding the dirtbikes again.
  4. 9Lives

    Another Kennedy Meadows: Jun 22-23 '13

    Last time was when we ran into you out at Area 52. The roadrace season doesn't start back up again until the end of September so I just might dust off the old KTM.
  5. 9Lives

    Another Kennedy Meadows: Jun 22-23 '13

    Okay Ken first things first why wasn't I invited on this ride??????? I mean it's not like you don't know how to get ahold of me at work. Second how did you manage to get a ticket on Sieretta Trail since as far as I know that trails completely legal. Never mind I think I know where you got your ticket at. Shoot me a pm here or an e-mail at work with the details.
  6. 9Lives

    The Extraction BTW What Were You Guys Thinking

    Wow just read this again that sure was a trip down memory lane. Hey Craig I'm thinking about dusting off the dirtbike you want to lead a ride? And yes all of the pictures were up when I just reread it.
  7. 9Lives

    Anything worth riding off the 138 cajon pass area?

    Hey Gary I haven't been up there in years which is why you haven't gotten an invite. I definitely remember the ride when I lost the rear wheel bearing. Didn't end up anywhere near as bad as it could have been as far as getting the bike back to the truck. As far as the Husky holding up it's down right now in need of a valve job. Not really a big deal I just haven't had the time to pull the motor and take it apart. To busy with the road racing scene the dirt bikes have taken a back seat to that.
  8. Here you go Bill a link to a Purgatory ride with one of the waterfall sections. As far as your shoulder goes give me a call. All kinds of exercises that you should be doing to rehab it. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/522059-purgatory-rocks/page__hl__%20best%20%20of%20%20purgatory
  9. 9Lives

    Anything worth riding off the 138 cajon pass area?

    Wow I've been promoted to the #1 Knucklehead. Good seeing you again Ken you guys should have ridden with us.
  10. 9Lives

    Anything worth riding off the 138 cajon pass area?

    Here's the link to the 69 Delight ride. Good times no matter which direction you ride it. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/367420-san-bernardino-national-forest-69-delight/page__hl__%2069%20%20delight
  11. 9Lives

    Anyone Know Where This Is?

    It's tougher than you think Chad. I've ridden it twice made it once and I had some really good riders with me on that ride. At the end of the day everyone was completely spend. You want to try it let me know. I'd need a couple of warm up rides first but I'd love to ride it again. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/563742-the-rematch-riding-the-rincon-trail-the-hard-way/page__st__160__p__10051282__hl__the%20rematch%20riding%20the%20rincon%20trail__fromsearch__1#entry10051282
  12. 9Lives

    We're back the Knuckleheads ride Area 52

    Those are actually 3.5 gallon tanks on the KTM's. On most of our rides that's enough but on some of them we carry extra gas with us. Not real sure when the next ones going to be.
  13. 9Lives

    We're back the Knuckleheads ride Area 52

    It depends on how much we've been riding lately. That ride was only around 30 miles which is on the short side for us. A normal ride for us starts around 9:30 and ends around 3:30 the mileage really depends on where we're riding. You do 40 miles over at Purgatory and you're going to be one exhausted fella. On the other hand go and do the 69 Delight Ride in the SBNF and you're still talking about the same amount of time but as the name of the ride says your going 69 miles.
  14. 9Lives

    We're back the Knuckleheads ride Area 52

    Nope the criteria hasn't changed you're definitely qualified. I'll send you an invite when we head out to Purgatory.