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  1. looks good, how old is she??? just messin with you, nice pictures
  2. ymaharider18

    Why ride a quad?

    one word.. SNOW. the only time i serously ride my quad is in the snow, other than that dirtbikin' it
  3. ymaharider18

    price on crf 230

    i would think somewhere around 2,000-2,500
  4. ymaharider18

    best hardpack tire for ttr125l

    i second the michelin, i have them on my 150, amn there great
  5. ymaharider18

    CRF230/150 Moderator

    congratulations coeshow, you deserve it !!
  6. ymaharider18


    why do kids like you waste peoples time asking pointless questions? If you need attention so bad why dont you go make friends or something
  7. ymaharider18

    ttr250 or xr250

    defanitly ride blue
  8. ymaharider18

    Cool...vid i found

    nice video, i wish i could go that fast
  9. ymaharider18

    Lets see your TTR230's

    2005, baffle out, snorkel removed, carb jetted
  10. ymaharider18

    new grips

    new renthal double layer grips, these things were easy to install and feel great
  11. ymaharider18

    rear shock question

    yeah alex your right after tightening the shock almost all the way i can only touch on my tippie toes were as before i was flat footed with a little bend in the knees...
  12. ymaharider18

    Suspension adjustment

    i used a big flathead screwdriver and a hammer... losened the top washer then tightened the bottom one and spun by hand the top one down the the bottom one that i tightened and gave it a few spins witht he hammer and the screw driver to make sure it was tight..
  13. ymaharider18


    ok so why did you ask?
  14. ymaharider18


    GROW.... no but serously as adam said do a search on here most people cut the foam down to make the seat shorter