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  1. Thought this was great.
  2. where do you get your hubs and rims done?
  3. crf250x87

    wheel anodizing

    http://www.tcrwheellacing.com/html/wheel_anodizing.html just wondering if any of you guys have had your wheels or hubs done by them and how they hold up ... all feedback is apreciated
  4. crf250x87

    Post Your Finest Grass Pics =]

    ya my buddys uncle who is a photographer takes pics of us and it was a perfect day right after it rained
  5. crf250x87

    Post Your Finest Grass Pics =]

    here is a local track
  6. link that is sutch a sick bike
  7. crf250x87

    pics from race

    ya its an x but have taken off all of the smog crap,kickstand,light and some other things
  8. crf250x87

    pics from race

    ya i raced begginer and #65 was in novice
  9. crf250x87

    pics from race

    just some pics from my first race on sunday at av motoplex IMG]http://i117.photobucket.com/albums/o41/redrider87/avrace116.jpg[/img]
  10. crf250x87

    Cleaning frame

    sos pads work great
  11. crf250x87

    What do you think?

    Im geting the same helmet and have this tld gear it is great in hot weather cuz it is vented just a though http://www.btosports.com/p/TLD08GPAIR
  12. crf250x87

    rider went down.....but the bike didnt

    i think its fake why would the other to guys go around him like that?
  13. hope its not a repost but tell me what you guys think http://www.break.com/index/rally-car-passenger-injured.html