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  1. ian522

    Yamaha TW200 vs. XT225

    Cool thanks for the advice everyone. Im probably leaning more towards the XT since probably 90% of my riding would be on-road and im liking the 6th gear. But man I just love the style of the TW! It might come down to which ever one they give me a better deal on. Thanks again.
  2. I want to get a small-bore dual sport come springtime...just to bomb around town with and occasionally do some mild fire road-type trails. I dont need a serious off-roader or a freeway capable bike. A local dealer near me has both Yamaha dual sports, a TW200 and an XT225. Both are '06 models. The TW is slightly cheaper and looks cooler but the XT seems to have better features like a 6 speed and o-ring chain. Does anyone own either bike and care to comment?
  3. ian522

    Picked up a little DR200SE...

    Yea im hoping to find a good deal on a leftover '06. Only problem is finding one, every dealer around here has loads of the 650 dual sports but the smaller ones seem a bit more rare.
  4. ian522

    Picked up a little DR200SE...

    Im thinking of getting one in the spring. Seems like a perfect around-town or backroads bike. Ive heard that rejetting really helps to open it up a bit. Is that an '06 or an '07 model? Mind if I asked what you paid for it, out the door?
  5. ian522

    The DR200SE...

    well, id love to get a dr650 or drz400 but unfortunatly they are both a bit outside my price range. Maybe if im lucky I can find a used one for around $3-4k, but used dual sports are really tough to find around this area. What if I maybe went with a bigger front sprocket? Would 60-65mph be theoretically possible then?
  6. I noticed my local dealer has a brand new 2005 yamaha tw200 dual sport sitting around the showroom. I have a feeling they would be really looking to move it and probably give me a sweet deal if I showed some interest. But even though its brand new, are there any concerns with buying a bike that has been sitting for 2 years? Like maybe tires, fluids, etc...??? Should I avoid it or is it nothing to really worry about?
  7. ian522

    The DR200SE...

    Hey everyone, im new to the forum and looking for some info. Im a new rider, fresh out of the MSF course and looking at getting a first bike soon. Im looking to get a starter bike in the $3-4k range and have been looking at both 250cc cruisers and some dual sports...particularly the DR200SE, and maybe to a lesser extent the Yamaha TW200. Probably 80% of my riding would be on the street around town and such. Since its my first bike im not really looking for something to cruise on the highway with...but id like to leave open the option of taking a short highway run if desired. Like at 60-65mph. Is the DR200 capable of reaching these cruising speeds? I am about 5'10, 150 pounds if it makes a difference.