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  1. IamKazam

    My track

    How much room do you have to work with?
  2. IamKazam

    Don't race but have numbers?

    or one of those dry erase markers lol..
  3. IamKazam

    I Had A Break Through!

    You can do them in any gear, it's all about finding the bikes balance point.
  4. IamKazam

    New Holly Track Thread

  5. IamKazam

    Leatt Neck Brace

    The EVS or any other neck donut for that matter offers very little neck protection. Those are designed to stop your helmet from hitting your collar bone and breaking it in an accident I think.
  6. IamKazam

    I'm ruined!!!!!

    Just think about cost to maintain and fix a 450 vs. a 2 stroke.
  7. IamKazam

    how should a 2 stroke run

    It should be run in the "powerband."
  8. IamKazam

    Throttle technique on a 2 stroke.

    Stay on the gas and position your body further back..
  9. IamKazam

    Best Muscles To work Out?

    week one Monday - Upper Tueday - Cardio Wednesday - Lower Thursday - Cardio Friday - Upper Sat/Sun - off Week 2 Monday - Lower Tuesday - Cardio Wednesday - Upper Thursday - Cardio Friday - Lower sat/sun - off Week 3 - same as week 1. (Keep alternating between weeks 1 & 2) or you can do a full body routine 3x a week mon or tues. wed thur fri sat You can turn a regular protein shake into a meal replacement if you would like. ex: 2 cups skim milk 2 scoops whey protein 1 cup oats 2 tbs natural peanut butter 1 banana Blend together and enjoy.
  10. IamKazam


    I always down shift with the clutch out unless I'm doing a brake slide to prevent the motor from stalling just like Gary said.
  11. IamKazam

    Imporant bike question

    450f or a 250 2 stroke would be a good choice too.
  12. IamKazam

    Looking for advise - 250 or 450???

    I agree, a newer yamaha or suzuki 250 2 stroke would be an excellent choice imo.
  13. IamKazam

    PLEASE! Help me spend my money.

    If the springs are right for your weight, than I know of a few companys wear you can get a full revalve (forks, shock) for 300.
  14. IamKazam

    FVO sub tank question

    You can build your own dual subtank set up like I did. Actually, I woudn't even call it building. All you have to do is order the various peices and assemble everything. The hardest part is drilling and tapping the fork caps. These companys are all using the same technology for the most part. Do a little research and you could save a TON of money and have a equal if not better set up then enzos or the fvo system.
  15. IamKazam


    down shift to the proper gear before the turn with the clutch out. This allows you to use the engine to help slow you done even more. This is also known as "engine breaking."