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  1. Well that's certainly interesting...I came here looking for advice on what Dual Sport to buy. I was looking at that same bike on CraigsList just this morning. Good luck with the purchase. I think I want something a couple years newer.
  2. Hi! Unfortunately, Photobucket got greedy and is now charging $400 for me to share pics - and I ain't paying them a dime. On sealing the airbox, just cut up an old inner tube and use 3m weatherstripping to place your patches in spots inside the airbox. You can't completely seal it as it needs to get air. I used a foam pad under the seat - which is a spot that allows a lot of crud through. The foam allows it to breath. Good luck and hopefully photobucket changes their policy and the pictures will show up again!
  3. How can I test the carb without installing on the bike again? Can I use water instead of gas? I could attach a hose with water in it to the gas line. Like gas, it would fill up the bowl and I could check for leaks / overflow....but not have the same mess - or hassle of installing on the bike.
  4. When blowing air through my gas line, I was not able to blow air when the needle seated (floats were just below parallel). Wouldn't that mean that my needle is seating correctly? If I can't blow air through there....gas surely can't be escaping in there... Is there a certain direction the spring on top of the needle should sit on the tang? I know the spring rotates 360" around the top of the needle, but I'm wondering if there is a 'front' or 'back' - meaning which side the tang enters the spring. If I recall, it was not symmetrical. I'll review my seat again and try some polishing on that spot - maybe with a toothbrush and some carb cleaner? Thank you but I do understand. My floats are not compromised and do not have any gas in them. They float just fine!
  5. Floats weren't filled with gas so that's not it. And when needle seated, I couldn't blow thorough gas line. Hmmm
  6. Trying to revive my 200exc that sat for 1.5yrs. I cleaned the carb, fresh gas and clean filter. Fired up on 3rd kick Unfortunately, I also have a carb issue where it's leaking gas out of the overflow. I tapped, I flipped, I bounced and I removed to check floats. Not sticking from what I can tell. I also checked the float level and all looks good. It's just a hair before parallel when I can't blow into gas line anymore. It's leaking steady even with the bike sitting upright. Not a slow drip...a steady pour. What else to check? I thought it might be a bad / corroded float needle?
  7. So this may sound newb'ish but what's best way to empty it? Or just keep pushing fluid in from the bottom and suck out the fluid from the top?
  8. That's probably the safest way to go. OK to mix Blood with whatever is currently in there?
  9. I need to bleed my clutch but I don't know what is currently in there. Can I mix or do I need to drain and put in fresh? Not even sure that's possible without rebuild kit. If I can mix, can I use this ATF? I have it on hand (Tacoma power steering fluid) so was hoping it will work. Its Dexron/Mercon if that matters.
  10. Hey oldman...thanks for the info. I'd like to join some of these clubs to get out more but don't think I will ride enough to justify the cost. Wish they gave the ability to pay when you ride. With 2 youngsters under 4, I don't get as much free time as I'd like. They will grow (or start riding) and I will get out more often. I have tried to get into the RufCutRiders website but it seems to be blocked. I'll email the admin to see if I can get access to it. I'd love to go on some group rides like that - would absolutely enjoy it!
  11. Any update? Did you have a problem riding bikes at Bloody Skillet? Hate to drive all the way up there only to be harassed or kicked out because I only have 2 wheels. I haven't found any clear information on this - or even a number I could call and ask.
  12. I'm located in Greensburg and am looking for places to ride this fall/winter. Rock Run and Mountain Ridge are both closed for the year. Are there any ATV clubs that allow pay-per-ride? ICV ATV Club in Donegal has an $100 membership fee and I'm not sure I'd use it enough to justify that cost. There are several MX tracks but I'm looking for trails. Are there any MX parks with trails???
  13. Rather than starting a new thread (and after a fairly unsuccessful search)... On a 2005 200exc, is anything recommended OTHER than the Motorex 75 Clutch Oil? I'm going to pump some new fluid in there to give me a smoother clutch. It has a slow return right now and I checked the fluid - it's very dark. Thanks.
  14. Ok, bear with me on this - I didn't see it and I don't have part numbers. The mechanic found a problem with the lower assembly on the powervalve. I guess there was a "pin" that was not pushed the whole way in. It was causing the cover (over the centrifugal balls) to not sit flat. So much so that part of it was rubbing on the outer cover. He polished the rest of it up and put it back together - hasn't tested it yet though. I never had that assembly apart. I removed it but never took it apart. He is also honing my cylinder (said it was scuffed a little), flattened the cover and case surfaces (inner and outer clutch), ordered new gaskets and is fixing my auto chain luber (leaky sprocket). Doing it all for $225. Wish I would've taken it to him in the first place and saved my time and frustrations! I should have it back by mid-next week - just in time for a 5 day business trip
  15. Well...I've let you guys (and myself) down! I ripped that damn engine apart THREE times looking for the problem. After each reassembly, the engine fires up but still no powerband. Just yesterday, I threw in the towel. I dropped the bike off for a mechanic to figure out. I really hate to pay for service because I feel I should be able to do it myself. I'm stubborn (and cheap) like that. Depending on parts that need ordered, he hopes to have it done in just a few weeks. I will definitely let you know what he found or had to fix/replace. Thanks again for all of the help. I learned a TON during these tear-downs and should now be able to fix or diagnose many minor issues.
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