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  1. Alley Cat

    what exhaust??

    Where's WFW when you need him?!?!?!
  2. Stock is 12.5:1! What do you mean anyway?
  3. Ohhhh yeah! I should have taken a photo of all the crap on the head and piston before I cleaned it all up - I got my motor torn down ATM waiting for parts.
  4. Alley Cat

    Clutch 2003 WR450

    Have a look at this! It may just be your problem! http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/showthread.php?t=25539
  5. Alley Cat

    Big Bore or High Comp.

    That is a big point right there. I know JE pistons make a 13:1 for oversize bores, that might not require race gas. I went with a 12.8:1 (stock 12.3) for my bike for this exact reason.
  6. Alley Cat

    '06 WR headlight switch?

    That's a nice switch set up right there!
  7. Alley Cat

    Simple Q for those who'v resprung forks

    That is one good idea , another is to cut a strip of sponge, soak it in oil, and wrap it arould the fork tube between the dust seal and oil seal just like you say!
  8. Alley Cat

    high comp piston or hotcams?

    Just for the muffler - there is no difference, just what they are made out of. I would have to say that the T-4 and SS header would be really a mid - top end combo. Is that what you want?
  9. Alley Cat

    high comp piston or hotcams?

    I can vouch for Procircuit, I got the Ti gp on the 450. Nice thick Ti and very high quality. I have had a few bad experiences with FMF pipes, I wouldn't touch their stuff again. They make good power, but doesn't seem to be the same quality as other pipes out there to me. Have a look at the White bro's Aluminium pro as well. It is in the same league as the other two pipes you mentioned, and around the same price. Good quality and performance.
  10. Alley Cat

    high comp piston or hotcams?

    I got mine for $US300 a set. I know it is a bit of cash, but gains should be worth it.
  11. Alley Cat

    Simple Q for those who'v resprung forks

    I'd try cleaning the seal out first then, and might be a good time to get some new seals.
  12. Alley Cat

    07 WR250 Jetting / GYTR is that correct ?

    I'm suprised they came with smaller too myself.
  13. Alley Cat

    high comp piston or hotcams?

    Sweet ride! The 13.5 or 14 / 14.5, or all high comp pistons? I wouldn't think that the load factor (13.5:1) would be much higher at all compared to stock.
  14. Alley Cat

    Got my wr 450 need help!!

    Isn't Florida tropical?
  15. Alley Cat

    07 WR250 Jetting / GYTR is that correct ?

    Ok. more vacuum through the carby creates more fuel flow through the same jets. It is all about efficiency. It may be the same jet, but now it flows more fuel. Having said that, you are describing "main" jets, not "pilot" jets. The stock pilot is 40. I think the 165 main is way too small, I have to use a 180 with a GYT-R pipe. As for the leak jet, I haven't touched mine, but most people here go to a 40? I suggest you install the pipe and do the "free" mods, but leave your carby alone for now and wait and see where you end up.