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  1. I didn't take any real close photos of this but here are some pics of the framework for mine. As you may be able to tell from these pics, the wall does not go straight across the van. The support pillars on each side do not line up directly across from each other. My wall comes accross and then jogs a bit. You can see from this pic where I located it in relation to the wall supports. On the far side you can see it sits right in between two supports. I decided it was more stable and stronger to attach the wall to something more stable than just one side support. I measured and built the framework before attaching plywood to the wall. Once the wall was covered with a single piece of plywood, I attached the wall to it. This gave me far more secure area to attach to and was super solid. Also you may 3notice at the base, the wall sits on top of a "base plate" A strip of wood that is secured and bolted all the way through the floor. I then used 3" lag bolts to secure the base of the wall to the floor. This baby aint going anywhere. This pic is the basic framework I was laying out. You can see the base plate in this pretty clear. This pic above shows the framework I built for the little jog in the wall I needed. You can't really see the detail but this is 3 separate parts, the wall main portion then the first angle and then the second angle are all separate. This makes it easier to install and remove if I ever choose to do that. You can also see that base plate thing I discussed above, my clamp is holding it in place while I measure and make adjustments. By the way, its important to note that I used a good wood glue and screwed every joint you see in this wall. Screws alone are not sufficient. The glue is actually way stronger than the screws. When it dried up, this frame was freakn solid!! Another view from the garage angle. I didn't take any close up pics of where I secured the wall to the sides and roof. but from this pic you can barely make out the steel plates that are secured to the top of the wall and go forward to bolt to the roof rail. I decided it would be more stable if the straps go forward and the wall pushed against the joint in the event of an accident, rather than be holding it from behind so to speak. Hopefully I never get to test that design decision The framework of the wall is secured to the base, the wall on the driver side in about 4 places and then at the very top where that big framework is at the top of each side of the van walls.
  2. My measurements were that about 7' will get it done. But when I went to build the wall you have to start looking at where it will be structurally sound. i.e. close enough to a reinforcement to tie it to. On mine I chose to go about 7'6" and with that I can fit 3 full size bikes in. Two easily with lots of room for gear. Also left me with just under 4' in the front, my bench seat will fold down to 44" wide so I just have to move my front seats forward a tad and it fits perfect. I sleep diaganally accross it (I'm 511). This is for extendeds only, std size van you'll have way less room up front, maybe some gear and thats about it. Have a cpl buddies with this setup, the main reason why I went with an extended.
  3. I put a rocking stereo head unit replaced all the stock speakers with some nice infiity's and kicker 6x9s in the rear. Ordered a custom seat for the rear that folds down to a bed. That will go here... This pic was before I finished it all off. I'll post a nicer one when i get the seat all installed. I made custom door panels for all, and the rear door has a cubby for putting some small items. You can't see them well but have a Gladiator wall organizer on the wall so I can hang a shelf for boots and stuff but take it down when I dont need it. Nice and clean. I pretty set on putting two 24" cabinets on the front wall so I can store my boots, helmets google case and some back up parts in there full time. Its a work in progress but this how much I have done in a month of owning it....
  4. I had a toyota tacoma prerunner dbl cab that was great for day trips, but l decided I wanted a van as a better moto vehicle. I found a good deal on a nearly new fleet vehicle with 28k on it. So I went for it. This is what it looked like when I got it. Inside... Put in some insulation Built a wall... This pic from the "garage" side And the results... Outside sorry sort of a bad lighting pic
  5. I sold my X and put it back to stock before I did. I still have the R triples I'd make you a good deal on. Just PM me if interested. I also have an R tank and shrouds too!
  6. Thanks Dr Mark. I sort of assumed that from the posture of my medical interactions this last week. I think my Doc mentioned 4-6 weeks, is that consistent with what you see?
  7. Fresh ACL/PCL tear a week ago (yesterday) Also have a serious sprain in the ankle same leg. Sports medicine has referred me to Surgery for consult but haven't heard from them yet. From the posts here, I think there pretty busy I've had ACL reconstruct on both knees over 25 years ago (yea, I'm old I know) and the Ortho back then told me I needed to act quickly for the repairs. Now it seems the trend is to just wait for things to heal a bit? No rush since this is reconstructive? Advice? Should I rehab my knee and get good mobility back before getting the ACL repaired, or should I just do the surgery asap?
  8. She sounds like a "Lifer" Eventually all the mishaps add up to "experience". Cheers and speedy recovery. Oh and SuperSlyko, your dead on about the trail markings. Actually many of the Blue trails could be upgraded too! Most of the Black Diamond at SF are serious hill climbs (in and out). You may make it down, but no guarantee you'll get out Wonder how many people get stuck down there and need Ranger assistance
  9. Border Patrol, hope your daughter has a speedy recovery. And you'll need to give Stony another chance. Seriously, the only comparison to Forrest Hill is you'll find trees at both places. Unfortunately the good trails are ways from Davis Flat, give it another go with somebody that knows the mountain and I'll bet good green money you'll change you mind.
  10. Check the EVO7... I just put on my bike (check my garage for pics). Think they look super clean.
  11. What time are you gonna be there? I'm interested, but it takes me 2+ hours to get there.
  12. Dude, you just need to come up north. We have epic woods riding up here in Northern Kali... Did 2 mudders like that one last year. I can promise you you won't be riding anything man made BTW Mud races show all your weaknesses. Usually its the physical exhaustion that gets ya in the end.
  13. Depends for me. If the situation was serious, the rider was unconcious or in a vulnerable position, I would stop and assist. All the races I do have sweepers and medical staff right behind each row (just for this reason). So unless the situation was pretty bad, I'd not stop, emergency help is right behind us. I've been pretty badly injured and I really didn't expect anybody to stop racing to help me. The sweepers came along pretty quickly and EMTs were radio'd to assist.
  14. Slyko, sorry I missed you. I waited till at least 10. I ran into a few guys that let me tag along. We did about 50 miles, out 9 and did most the 4s, loop 5, all of 10, and then back on 9. Got lucky these guys were all pretty good riders and we rarely stopped, If you did stop you got passed We came across a couple groups but otherwise it was pretty vacant for a Sunday?? Started off a bit cool but warmed up. I didn't notice, but one of the guys said the Ranger was sound checking us as we passed him at the creek on 9. I'm ready for an all day trip to Stony.
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