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  1. Hey guys, I am looking to sell my 2012 CRF250R to try a trail oriented bike. I like the idea of staying with a 250F because of the weight factor. I am 6'1" and I'm an advanced beginner I would say. I'm not set on racing, but could see myself racing one day. I have searched for hours and can't find all the specifics on the differences in these years. It seems like 2014 vs 2015 was mostly slight improvements, then 2016 was a major redesign. I have found a new 2014 for $5999 and a 2015 for 6599. The 2016's seem to be in very short supply but I think $7500 would be the range in my area. Does it even make sense to buy anything other than the 2014? If so, can you guys justify why the improvements are a big deal? Any help or advice would be amazing
  2. I've heard mixing fuels is trouble as they can seperate.
  3. stocktires


    How about just getting a 2009 stock cam? They are a big improvement in profile from what I hear compared to the 2004 just an economical option
  4. When are they supposed to be able to able, anyone have any idea?
  5. I just stripped mine also. The same thing happened, the aluminum threads were wrapped around the bolt. I even used a torque wrench and wasnt even close to the torque. Did you use a helicoil, how did it go? I've used key certs before with some luck on other things.
  6. Hey guys, I had a really bad wrist fracture and I'm still not able to ride yet. The injury was from getting mixed up in a nasty whoop section and the bars jerked crazy hard, shattering my wrist. My bike is an 09 and I ride MX. I am not sure where I had the factory HSPD set, but I never felt it made much of a difference. I certainly want to get a better damper setup going forward so I can prevent anything like this happening again. Money isn't a big deal considering the importance of my wrist and it will probably never be the same. Would getting the factory one rebuilt help much? I hear good reviews. I am eyeing up the GPR V4 also, any comments on that setup? Would it be much better than the factory one? Any other better setup recommended? I really don't want something that comes up over the handlebars etc. I plan on trying out a set of Flexx bars also.
  7. My 09' rocks. It took some time to dial in with the carb though. Only way I would change would be for a 2012+
  8. Thanks for all the responses guys, keep it coming. There are some people like lumpy and others I plan to talk to so I can get a better feel of the landscape of a business like this.
  9. In what way have you worked with businesses like these? Just curious I like this idea. I also agree a business has to be specialized or different in a way to bring value and be successful as a startup
  10. Hey guys, I am debating on trying to open an online motocross etc. parts business. Just wondering where you guys buy your parts and why? Is it the cheapest place you can find? Is it somewhere you prefer for other reasons? If so, what are those reasons? I am looking to start a business more for enjoyment. I currently manage a family business and my income is steady. I would like to start another business, but would rather it be based around something I'm passionate about and can give back to. I don't expect to make much money from this venture, especially within the first 5-7 years. I have a lot of experience in sales, customer service, management, and logistics. My biggest issue would be getting vendors and eventually building out an e-commerce website after getting some volume with vendors. My goal would be to give as much of my proceeds back to the sport as possible (support racers, events, local riding spots, anything with good merit). Sort of a motosport.com but as involved in the community as possible. Any thoughts or experience? Any insight is much appreciated.
  11. 2009 Tokyo mods carb mods Fast Heads porting Dell West Ti intake valves Wiseco 13.5:1 FMF Powercore Slip-on Quickshot 3 on the way Really like this over stock, plenty enough power. Anything more needed and something is wrong with me or I am nearly pro. Haha
  12. Hey guys, I just did a top end on my 09 and it wont crank. It ran fine before, but I did a new piston along with my winter rebuild. When I turn it over, it turns over really easy, like there is little compression. It seems to get stuck sometimes though. Could I have gotten the timing completely backwards??? Like i need to rotate the cam 180 degrees? Any other ideas? When i didnt have the head on, it would cycle really well so it seems to be valvetrain related. The weather is soooo nice and my bike is ready to rock except for this, please help!
  13. I was finishing putting my topend back together, was tightening my head cover and stripped the threads that go into on the cam holders. I was using a torque wrench, but it stripped like butter. I installed a time sert, and that stripped just as easy. Now the hole is enlarged, with no threads. Anything I can do short of buying a whole new head? I just had it blasted & ported too, this really sucks.
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