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  1. DethOn2Legs

    Big guy, can i ride a 250 2 stroke?

    Yeah i'm not sure, but I imagine the main difference between a late 90's 2 smoke, and a 02-10 would be aluminum frame instead of steel? I don't know. A friend said he would sell me his 97 yz250 for 700 bucks. I've ridden it, and it seems fine. It needs a new first gear so I think I will offer him 500.
  2. DethOn2Legs

    Big guy, can i ride a 250 2 stroke?

    I though I would be ok, just wanted to make sure. I'll just be doing some desert riding, and som dunes. Never track, im too scared to get up in the air, i've got a baby to take care of. again thanks a lot. I'm excited to being getting a 2 smoke, i've been on 4 strokes my whole life, so it's a new experience for me.
  3. Hello, I use to spend a lot of time here on thumper talk, i rode a DRZ400 for a couple years, I sold it, intending to buy another bike, but then i got in a bad accident. I'm ready to ride again and was wondering a a two stroke 250 would be big enough for me, of course i will have to do come suspension setup. I'm 6'5 230 lbs. From all of your experience, Will a 250 be sufficient.
  4. DethOn2Legs

    Fcr Problem!!!

    Hey man, im new to this. This is my first bike since i was a kid. I had a dr100 haha and i was a fat kid what a hillarious site that was.
  5. DethOn2Legs

    Fcr Problem!!!

    naw, ive never had a problem.
  6. DethOn2Legs

    Fcr Problem!!!

    Sorry for not explaining myself. I was just trying to get some reinforcment on my conclusion. Ill take it apart when i get a chance.
  7. DethOn2Legs

    A few mods for Christmas

    GOD, WHY HINDLE!!!! Go with yosh.
  8. DethOn2Legs

    Fcr Problem!!!

    WHen i leave the fuel on, while the bike is not running, fuel leaks from the drain hoses on the bottom of the bike. I think something is stuck in the float bowl.
  9. DethOn2Legs

    I love the look of this bike

    almost identical to my bike. I got my from a yosh employee, one of their old bikes.
  10. DethOn2Legs

    best deal on trc ti????

    yeah, yosh sells full retail just for that reason.
  11. DethOn2Legs

    best deal on trc ti????

    You can always call yosh direct. I get my parts through them usually, i like going straight to the source.
  12. DethOn2Legs

    Yosh slipon, but can't get the header seperately

    so you are trying to tell me that fmf's header has better performance than stock, but its the same size, width, and length, of stock? Sounds like bs to me.
  13. DethOn2Legs

    SM = Sand Motard..... Check out pics..

    I Just Got Back From Dumont. My Drz Tore It Up. Plenty Of Power
  14. DethOn2Legs


    I Was Told That To Change The Main, Their Is A Bolt On The Bottom That You Can Remove, And Simply Install The New Jet, On The Fcr At Least.
  15. DethOn2Legs


    i just got a bigger main jet, so i should be fine. is it easy to change the main on an fcr? I know im dumb