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  1. ok im trying to buy a set of knobbies for my 2006 ktm smr560, its much easier to buy 17inch knobbies than to switch around the caliper/forks/wheels. so ive found 2 tires that will fit the 17s. 1. pirelli mt21's seams to be my favorite choice right now, i can put a 120 up front, and a 130 in the rear, because they only make those 2 sizes. 2. metzler karoo 2 which also makes a 130 for the rear, but they also make a 150 for the rear. dont understand the price jump from $95 to $195 though??? anyway my questions is will the 130 rear knobbie fit on a 4.5inch wheel? or maby 5 inch rear wheel? I dont have rim locks on the bike so im worried the 130 will be stretched, and wont contact the sidewall of the wheel, therefor causeing handling issues. my bike currently has a 120 slick up front and a 155 slick in the rear. do i really need to dish out an extra $100 for a 150 rear instead of a 130??? http://www.compacc.com/p/Pirelli-MT-21-Rallycross-Dual-Sport-Tire-Rear http://www.compacc.com/p/Metzeler-MCE-Karoo-Dual-Sport-Tires-Rear
  2. well my CRF has had a valve rattle/top end noice for quite some time. This fall the bike just stopped running one day, it litterly would fire wonce and then die. After check the valves i find that both exhuasts are loose. 1 intake valve is in spec, the left intake valve is nearly locked tite! the spec is .006mm i couldnt even fit a .004 or .002 feeler gauge in there at all! Anybody ever run into not being able to get a feeler gauge between the cam lobe?
  3. hondacrf150f1

    CRF450 03 rattle

    Ive also had a rattle from my 02. Its at low RPM's normally in a gear other than 1st. I assume its just because the motor wants to be in a lower gear, instead of trying to pull away at such low RPM's. My solution is to downshift:thumbsup:
  4. hondacrf150f1

    Buying a 2007 BRP Emmision question

    All 2007 model XR650R's come with a California emissions smog pump:thumbsup: They are easily taken off though.
  5. hondacrf150f1

    650R Any probelms from SM or Dual Sport ?

    I dont see the need for a cush rear drive. I like the snap, ive got 12200 miles on my XR650R, 95% street riding with 17's. No problems, with clutch yet.
  6. First off, i love my 650R, i love the low end and mid range power, the torque makes me smile every time i ride it. But after owning a couple CRF450's i wish my 650R had the snap and top end of a 450. I know there completely diffornt bikes, and are each meant for a diffornt purpose. But is there any way to get a 650R to the level of a 450? Would a carb with an accelerator pump make the diffornce? Is there a big improvement? Stage 2 cam? Obviosly it will help, but will it be anywhere near the 450R snap?
  7. hondacrf150f1

    XRR permanent bruise

    I use the decompression lever, but i dont see how it helps you. I only pull it in to kick the bike over 5-6 times with the throttle open, just to feed it some gas. Then start it up...
  8. hondacrf150f1

    New 02 CRF450R for only $1300!

    I didnt see anything wrong with the countershaft sprocket??? No leaks, seal is in good shape, and the teeth arnt worn bad at all. I thought it was in pritty good shape, ive had a lota fun on it so far. Im sure i can turn it around and make $$ on it also, but i think ill ride it all summer first.
  9. hondacrf150f1

    New 02 CRF450R for only $1300!

    Its not just the motor, he also did the filter cover, water pump cover, and rear brake caliper mount. The paint is chipping a little, but i kinda like it. Makes it unique:p
  10. hondacrf150f1

    New 02 CRF450R for only $1300!

    Its leaned in the opposite direction of the sight glass.....I already did a motor, and tranny oil change. I planned on checking the valves, but it seams to be running pritty good, im not to worried about the top end at this point. As far as fork guards, i didnt come with any, and it came with leaking fork seals. I gotta get a set of fork guards, is there any special brackets ya need to mount them up? Or are the bolt holes already in the fork? The brake line rubs on the front wheel at this point because there isant a fork guard to route the line:banghead:
  11. Looks like some sweet riding! I wish we had open area's out here in the Northeast, id love to tear up that terrain with my 650R:ride:
  12. Just picked this 450R up a couple weeks ago, i stole this thing. Guy was only asking $1500, walked away with it for $1300. Runs strong, just has a ****ed up idle. Im gonna go through the carb and clean it out, do a valve check and ride it all summer. As ya can tell by the pics, somebody had the motor apart (powercoated cylinder) the last owner said the valves had been resurfaced. And im sure they did a top end cause the whole head and jug came off. So whata ya think? Anybody no where to get a rear handbrake? Does somebody sell a kit? Or should i just buy some line and fabricate something up myself? I wanta do some stunting.
  13. hondacrf150f1

    Best break in procedure

    Throttle variations is exactly what ive always done. And each heat cycle you can get into it more and more. I changed my oil at 70 miles, then again at 400, along with a valve check. Then ive gone 1500-2000 every sense, 12200 miles so far with no problems. The Honda manuel for the 650R says first change at 100 miles, then 500. I would think breaking in a cam would be pritty similar to breaking in a motor, i dont understand why they say run it at 3k rpm for 20 minites
  14. hondacrf150f1

    Which year 450 for trail ridding

    why not a 250F for trails? Ive never ridden any trails where i can all the power a 450 has to offer. Still its fun trying:busted:
  15. hondacrf150f1

    cr250r vs. crf450r

    I owned a 99 CR250R for a while, I really didnt like it, coming off a CRF450 and XR650R. The CR might have smilar power when you get it in the powerband, but the 450R has a consistent powerband, and would own a 250 smoker down low. I also had a 91 CR500R, it was fast, but it didnt have as much as you would think on a 450R. Ill take the 450 power any day over a smoker:thumbsup: