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  1. seanmorris

    Who's pickin up a 2010 450?

  2. seanmorris

    best cr 250 year?

    How about this.... Service Honda 2009 CR 250 2001 CR motor and an 09 250F chassis.
  3. seanmorris

    True 250 class - 2-stroke comeback?

    I just noticed this little bit on cycle news... Cycle news article and this on Racer X Racer X article Take a look at the eighth paragraph... "Operationally, the 2009 Women's Class technical regulations will be the same as the men's 250 Class (formerly AMA Motocross Lites)..." Could a class name change mean new life for our beloved 2-strokes? I hope so Sean
  4. seanmorris

    safety wire around grips...

    An old trick I learned from a GNCC racer, was friction tape and gasoline. He absolutely swears by it and has not had any slippage with this method. 1) Go to your local hardware store and purchase some friction tape. 2) Wrap the area where the grip will sit with friction tape. Wrap it fairly tight. 3) Pour a small amount of gasoline in the grip. 4) Slide grip over the friction tape. 5) Wait a few hours and everything should be secure. Safety wire for added protection as mentioned above. I was skeptical, but have done this in the past with great results. Sean
  5. seanmorris

    2008 RMZ 250 Gearbox Problems

    Ron, if you don't mind me asking, what type of media did you use in the vibratory machine to achieve the "super finish"? Thanks
  6. seanmorris

    2009 rmz250

    I was just at my local dealership and asked the same question. The early release materials for the 2009 state that the machine is carbed. Overall, it doesn't look much different from the 2008. BNG... maybe some small changes.
  7. seanmorris

    KTM, BMW, husky and now Husaberg

    Actually, I don't think carb access will be a problem--that's because there doesn't appear to be a carb. From my novice view, I believe, my friends, that is a throttle body. I am thinking FI... but I could be wrong. Sean
  8. seanmorris

    Has anyone tryed this??????

    I believe (could very well be wrong ) that these fuel fragrances were intended for alcohol burning engines--from which the fumes are very irritating and nauseating. It's not to say though, that they can't be used in our motorcycle engines. Can you imagine the look on someone's face when you blast by them burning some groovy grape?!? Probably looks something like Instant classic if you ask me lol.
  9. seanmorris

    Best '07 crf450 Rad. Guards?

    I have these on my KTM and they are very stout. I prefer them over the Devols, but they cost significantly more. http://www.bulletproofdesigns.com/
  10. From solely a gearing standpoint.... By changing to a 14/51 from a 13/48 gear ratio, you are only going to see a ~1.4% change and probably no noticeable change in speed. Likewise, there will be little if any noticeable change in the bottom end power with this change. 51/14 = 3.64... 48/13 = 3.69... For those who do not know, a lower number = increased top, higher number = better bottom Sean
  11. seanmorris

    What's the deal?

    From The New American Webster Handy College Dictionary: New 3rd Edition, pg 189, Lines 7-9: "Deposit ...-n. 1. anything entrusted, as money in the bank 2. a pledge; a part payment..." Points to understand: 1) This is a forum to discuss four-strokes, not slam dealerships. 2) As a customer, you should have shopped around before making a deposit. 3) Cashing a check that you gave in good faith to make a purchase, makes this dealer bad? With the number of bad checks I have seen written in a shop that I use to work at, I completely understand why they cashed the check--they did it to make sure the funds were there and that the check was actually meaningful. 4) If you don't intend on keeping a promise, do not make one with a dealer. Personally, I feel that you are not mad that they cashed your check. No, you are mad because you decided to shop around after the desposit was made and you found a better deal. After you found the better deal you wanted your deposit back, but it was too late because the dealer cashed your check.
  12. I am not too sure if this has been posted yet or not, so I will pass it along regardless. 250SXF Pics
  13. seanmorris

    Just out of the crate and the Suzuki dealer...........

    I know this is off topic and that I apologize, but the following statement is not correct. The only fees that must be charged by a dealer (in PA anyways) are state taxes, a title fee unless the dealer chooses to pick up the cost of this, and registration if applicable. Dealers who charge for frieght, doc fees, set-up fees, etc. are charging more because they tend to give low retail prices and must make up the difference in price by charging miscellaneous fees. Many times, but certainly not all these low retail prices with the addition of the misc fees end up being the same or not more then the msrp plus title and tax only. Do not let a dealership bs you, period. They choose the fees that they will charge and not charge. I know this from experience at a dealership that doesn't charge anything other then state tax and a title fee of 22.50.
  14. seanmorris

    CRF Head Destroyed

    Honda is standing behind their products guys. They are replacing all the parts damaged, except the piston and rings, free of cost. One thing that should be noted, from the regional technician's mouth, the harder the engine is run the more oil it will consume. Hopefully, I can make it a 3 hour cross country race. because if it can't then I might have to send the baby f down the road
  15. seanmorris

    CRF Head Destroyed

    From what I can tell, the engine ran out of oil, why maybe because I had more then the recommended amount of hours on the bike, but then again who knows. Less then 25 hours did not seem like too much to me but I guess I was wrong. Since the head is the furthest away from the oil source it was the first to go. The left intake valve bucket got stuck in the down position. This in turn caused the left intake valve to remain in the open position, bending the valve in the process and ruining the piston. In addition to this, when the bucket got stuck, it took a major portion out of the casting of the head rendering it useless. The camshaft also was ruined when the bucket remained open. The left intake lobe is pretty messed up. The rocker arm and shaft both need to be replaced as does the other intake valve. Both intake valve seals were ruined.... the only thing that I can re-use so far it the exhaust valves and springs. I did break my bike in per the article that I had seen on here. HARD! An ex GNCC pro helped me with this process, and he ran it as hard as anyone could. I race 125B, so I wasn't exactly just putting around myself. One hour of riding and then add oil is ridiculous. I having been tryin to cross over from motocross to run GNCC's because of the sources available to me, and how can I possibly finish a 3 hour race if this is the case. Instead of a stop for gas I am going to have to stop for oil It just doesn't make much sense to me... My yamaha never used any oil either but nothing runs like a honda!