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  1. I wish someone would make a redbull helmet.
  2. MX528


    Check the powerband mark ;-)
  3. MX528

    post here if you own a 07 kx250f

    Hey crrider491, Where in CT are you from? You ever been to the oxford,shelton or zoar pits?
  4. MX528

    Two brothers 150r

    Dont know if it's been posted before, but this thing is sickkkkk. http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/slideshow/photos/0,20829,1270663_1572549,00.html
  5. MX528

    Lets See Some Yzf`s

    Amazing bike:worthy:
  6. MX528

    Sooo... Reliable or not?

    Hows the power band on the 250f's? Is first gear mellow or very jumpy?
  7. MX528

    Sooo... Reliable or not?

    Holy moses... Are you seriuos?!?!
  8. MX528

    Sooo... Reliable or not?

    I'll look around.. maybe something will show up. Your posts have been very helpfull Matt. Thanks alot man.
  9. MX528

    Sooo... Reliable or not?

    Well, I think I've decided on a YZ250F. Olny thing is ... I have no clue how I'm going to make another $2000+... no place around here hires at 15... My parents wont finance it.. so Idk. I'm not buying anything used though.. olny brand new. The last two vehicles I bought used looked to be perfect but I ended up finding some not to plesant suprises.. so I no longer buy used shit.
  10. MX528

    Sooo... Reliable or not?

    What do you guys think about the KX250? or Rm-z250? I've done some research on the 250F and it seems they have alot of valve problems.. wich i really cant deal with I want something I can just ride and not have to worry other than regular maintinence.
  11. MX528

    Sooo... Reliable or not?

    I'm going to show my dad this thread. Hopefully he'll have a change of thought. But honestly.. Do you think a 250 would have to much power?(For a first time dirtbiker)
  12. MX528

    Sooo... Reliable or not?

    Well cost is a factor.. but not a big one. The reason is my dad feals any bigger than the 150 or 85 and its to much power for me. No matter who trys to convince him its to small for me he doesnt care. So basiclly cr85 or crf150RB or nothing... for another 2 years
  13. MX528

    Sooo... Reliable or not?

    Damn it... I have no clue what to do guys.. what should I get? I cant get anything bigger than the 150rb or a cr85... I really dont know what to do..
  14. MX528

    Sooo... Reliable or not?

    Maybe I should have givin a little more info. lol I'm coming off of quads, so I do have experience. I just have no experience with dirtbikes.I think a 150F would be way to small and underpowered for me.
  15. MX528

    Sooo... Reliable or not?

    I guess, I would have the dealer do the jetting before giving me the bike. lol