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  1. PhantomD

    Advice needed DRZ400E 2002 Engine

    almost no-one uses or installs the decomp lever. They came on the kick start only bikes, but when installing a kick starter on the E-start bikes they are typically left un-installed. Also, i see you mentioned re-cutting valve seats, which is good since these valves should never be lapped, they will quickly go bad. Personally I would walk away from this project, too much time sunk on a relatively cheap bike.
  2. PhantomD

    Tool bag and location?

    Wolfman tool pouch, rear fender... packed full of tools. I try to work on my bike out of the tool bag so I know what i need. Granted I don't start taking apart the engine, but at least get the carb out and open. I have had to take the carb out to clean out my main jet on the trail before.
  3. PhantomD

    Where can i buy a stock drz dipstick

    see that red button at the top of the page "parts store" thats a great place to start. Dipstick -- 16561-29F10 o-ring - 09280-17003 ​See the "oil hose" fiche for the details.
  4. PhantomD

    Stripping....... JIS screws kick start

    A set of vessel screwdrivers (JIS) work amazing on these bikes. http://www.amazon.com/Vessel-Megadora-Impacta-P2x100-Screwdriver/dp/B003BI8HHQ
  5. PhantomD

    DRZ400E Fuel

    DONT RUN AVGAS IN A CATTED ENGINE. the lead in avgas will quickly destroy a catalytic converter. Also, bravo for those of you who know there is no performance gains…
  6. PhantomD

    Crush washer alternatives(?)

    I use a flat aluminum washer. no risk of becoming a wedge and cracking the case, and it seals just fine.
  7. PhantomD

    Torque wrench

    if you can't afford a $100 torque wrench then get the HF one, but beware that it may not be very reliable. Mine is from NAPA, but it's IDENTICAL to the HF one, even down to the QA inspection sticker. (it was a gift)
  8. PhantomD

    How much grease for the rear linkage bearings?

    Load that bearing up with grease… k4f5x0r, you can actually over grease some bearings. you can blow out a seal, or inject too much grease into a roller bearing, usually using a grease gun though. I work in industrial maintenance, I have read trainings on greasing.
  9. PhantomD

    Changed my oil

    The engine is a dry sump engine and is inherently difficult to check oil level since after sitting it will drain into the engine and away from the frame tank. There is some procedure to check the oil level, something like run it for 5 minutes, wait 3 minutes then check. However, the general consensus is to just put two liters/two quarts (does not matter) and change your oil frequently (1,000 Mi is considered mandatory) these engines are hard on oil, oil analysis has proved it. change it often! with frequent changes you are unlikely to lose a significant quantity unless it's obvious.
  10. PhantomD


    I have NEVER had any luck starting my slant FCR if I touch the throttle when cold. if I leave it alone and pull the choke it usually starts reasonably quickly… but touch that throttle first and it cranks for awhile before it starts.
  11. PhantomD

    What do you suggest for riding gear?

    boots, kneeguards, pressure suit, helmet and gloves. spend at least $200 on boots, anything cheaper and the quality is very poor.
  12. the one you need (but don't have in the pictures) I believe is the TEC insert for the TRS/TRC I did not have one on my bike when I bought it, but the difference when installed was minor. The sharp crack was gone, but it was still plenty loud. I just recently re-packed it and the difference was minimal. Call yoshimura, they have a VERY helpful customer service, and very decent prices.
  13. that insert and exhaust look nearly identical to mine. they are still loud, if you are using it for hunting then find a stock one, and change jetting as appropriate. the FMF power bomb is supposed to be the quietest aftermarket exhaust (I think)
  14. PhantomD

    Octane and oil weight?

    at least this thread is showing that there is some significant learning going on compared to most... we are talking about the differences between RON and r+m/2, This is good. ' However, We have not touched on "energy conserving" oils and JASO certification yet… Common!
  15. PhantomD

    Synthetic oil question

    any JASO MA rated oil will be good. Here is a shot of the spec on the back of my favorite oil (stolen from here) this is good too: (stolen from here)