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  1. Hi, I'm now the owner of a 2014 YZ450 and was wondering what Full exhaust are you guys recommending (if any). Suspensions are already done by Factory connection (revalved, resprung...). Any recommendations? could you also they why. Thanks Blarf PS: if you recommend any other mods, feels free to do so
  2. blarf

    14 YZ450 oil....is that normal?

    Hi, rechecked the pil this morning and it is back to normal color.so I think you are right. I'm using Mobil 1 4T racing oil. I'll drain it and out less and see. Thanks
  3. Hi, I open the side cover and changed the shift stopper (as a precaution). I put all fluids back including oil. I started the bike and rode for like 5min. check the oil through the glass door and it is like whitish color. not milky white like i saw on some other pics though. i don't recall being like that when i drained it. what could it be? thanks
  4. blarf

    Skid plate recommendation

    well, i received, installed and already used the Cycra plate. I really like it so far
  5. Hi, I'm looking to put some braces on the radiators of my 14 y450. I'm looking at either the work connections guards or the Enduro engineering guards. I'm only riding at the track and I don't care much about the devol or flatland ones. Out of those 2 (wc and ee), which ones would you recommend? Thanks.
  6. blarf

    Skid plate recommendation

    thanks I ordered the cycra full armour. We shall see
  7. Hi, What skid plate would you recommend for a 14 yz450f? I mostly ride on the track with it. I was looking at the lightspeed carbon fiber ones but it seems that they don't make them for the 2014. Then I was looking at the acerbis and cycra. Are they any good? Also what would you recommend as radiator guards? Thanks Blarf
  8. blarf

    YZ 450 2014 LOOSE FRONT END

    same here, I'd like to know what part numbers for the motor mounts we talking about here
  9. Hi, Do you know if lightspeed carbon makes a full glide plade for the '14 yz450? I looked at their website, called them and emailed them but unable to get an answer, unable to talk to someone. thanks
  10. blarf

    15 motor mounts on a 14

    yes, I'm interested too, what parts number are we talking about here?
  11. Hi, Would you get a 14 yz450f that has about 60hrs on it. Bike has been ridden in Motocross (expert level) and has been really well taken care of by mechanic. Would you get it? How much would you offer? thanks Blarf
  12. Hi, I'm attempting to put my front forks back on my 1996 cr250. It's really hard to insert them into the top triple clamp. Any advice? also, what distance should be between the top of the top triple clamp and the cap/top of the forks? (how many mm is standard?) thanks Blarf
  13. Hi, I'm rebuilding the forks on my 96 cr250 (KYB). I got new spring for my weight and type of riding. How much oil should i put in each leg? where should i start with the clickers? thanks Blarf
  14. blarf

    1996 cr250 forks swap

    Thanks, how do I shim the lower clamps? Just cut the soda cans and wrap them around the forks tube?
  15. blarf

    1996 cr250 forks swap

    Hi, If i buy some showa forks, would they just fit to the 96 triple clamp, and to the wheel/axle/brake with no mods? thanks