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    Re-engineering stuff, testing, dirt bike riding
    2019 YZ250X 2011 YZ250 two stroke! coopsclutchmods@q.com

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  1. Coop39

    Got a new 2019 YZ250X!

    I can mill the heads on both YZ and YZX, and many more!👍
  2. Coop39

    Homemade Sub tanks for the X!

    Finished product with aluminum brackets!
  3. Coop39

    Homemade Sub tanks for the X!

    Ok, here is the almost finished setup...minus the 3D printed sub tank brackets. Sub tank air bleed added, loop hoses to keep oil in the forks!
  4. Coop39

    Homemade Sub tanks for the X!

    5m x 0.8 tread with. 6mm hose opening, 1/4 hose will work. SMC fitting. had to make standoffs for the top of the fork caps as the elbows were not deep enough to clear. i will post an update this week.
  5. Coop39

    YZ250 Head milling.

    For head milling. You can try arniecoo@q.com or coopsclutchmods@q.com Thanks Coop39
  6. Coop39

    Homemade Sub tanks for the X!

    Rode this weekend, and they are definitely softer at the beginning of the stroke and mid stroke, I ran them closed and then full open, and I could fill a difference. I am thinking my elbow fittings going into the sub tanks are restricted more than what is coming out of the forks, so I added larger elbow fittings (1/8 pipe vs. 5m 0.8) they are about double the size of what i had. Also I am going to add a bleed valve for the air that might build up in the system. I will post some pictures latter. Thanks Coop39
  7. Made these sub tanks this week, and used the OEM bleed holes! I had to machine adapters out of SS, then the flow valves!
  8. Coop39

    YZ250 Head milling.

    Yes! Lol! What's up?
  9. Coop39

    Got a new 2019 YZ250X!

    Whole flock of YZ's!
  10. Coop39

    Got a new 2019 YZ250X!

    Ride it like I stold it!😂
  11. Coop39

    Got a new 2019 YZ250X!

    I did the head, .050 squish now, and 23cc volume! Yep!👍
  12. Coop39

    Got a new 2019 YZ250X!

    2019 YZ250X! Squish done! prep done!
  13. Coop39

    New Yamaha two strokes 2019!

    Anymore news on the new 2019 YZ3**X. I'm waiting patiently!!!!