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  1. 99XR250R

    Clutch cover bolt snapped

    Get a 1/4 inch drive one. Even the Harbor Freight ones are close and around $10. I use anti-seize on my case bolts to prevent this, besides the torque ratings are for a lubed bolt, dry bolts exert more friction and give false readings
  2. Im at 536 Hrs, 9200 Miles on my '13 At 350 Hrs I went bigger with a 385 kit (TR). Love this bike in the single track and mountain trails we have here in WA. It rips like a 2T or lugs like a big bore. I have buddies with 500's and they love theirs. My son and his friends ride the 2T 250's and 300's. Guess what? They love them. It's all about enjoying what you have and using it to as much of it's potential as you can.
  3. 99XR250R

    Bull Trout Lake

    Try NOAA, the national weather service can pinpoint your forecast and give you info for hazardous conditions. Try: forecast.weather.gov See here: https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-115.25266914220992&lat=44.295779372397845#.W3tx5OS0XRY
  4. On my buddy's 2007 525 he was able to take the clutch cover off, access the other end of the shifter, remove a lock ring and replace the shaft without splitting the cases.
  5. 99XR250R

    Help Please

    As a father and husband to 3 folks I've gotten into dirt bikes I agree with this logic completely I went Honda XR200 to Honda XR250 to Husky TE300 (4stroke) to KTM 350EXC-F The kids and wife progressed through Hondas until they were old enough, and ready for, the higher performing KTM 2 and 4 strokes. We have a 200 2stroke, a 250 2stroke and a 250 4 stroke besides my 350
  6. 99XR250R

    130 hour service

    130Hr service: Wash bike Change oil, Clean oil screen & re-install, New oil filter (or buy a Stainless screen filter and just clean it too) Clean air Filter, oil and re-install Anything broke or not working right? = Repair any Ride it
  7. 99XR250R

    Kilometerstone... 20k

    13 350 EXC-F 8700 Miles 510 Hrs of mostly Singletrack mountain trails 2nd piston, cam chain and valves (had a leaky valve seal at 300 hrs so I replaced the whole top end) Still runs like a champ.
  8. Get the KTM Key eliminator for like $5. its a simple connector clips into the wiring harness behind the headlight after you remove the key unit. Bike starts by pushing the start button but 10 seconds after you shut the motor off, it kills all power...just like the XCF-w's. Saved me some serious $ in batteries since I had a habbit of forgetting to turn the key off with lights on etc...
  9. 99XR250R

    XR200 valve job

    I've had Woody at Action Cycles do head work for me on my XR and KTM. Cut valve seats and installing valves in both bikes. He does great work. His shop is behind his house in Tacoma. Action Cycles 406 S. Wright Ave. Tacoma, WA 98408 (253) 474-7770 or EMAIL actioncycles@attbi.com Top Quality engine repair and/or mods for 2 & 4 strokes. Engine rebuilding In-house Cylinder boring Sleeve installation Big Bore kits Crank rebuilding Engine Modifications Porting Head reconditioning Custom Wheel building Member AMA, Yamaha 650 Society& Four Stroke Singles FSSNOC
  10. 99XR250R

    Elusive #1207 trail

  11. 99XR250R

    CRF450 to KTM 150 XC-W?

    Get the 300 and have no regrets. When you're going up Mt Clifty, or whatever fun steep mountain trail you visit, you'll be having a blast. It's the primo bike so the resale will be good if you sell it. The added power makes up for the extra weight and its still a lot lighter than the 450 you ride now. The power is low and mid so you won't miss the power you currently have as much as if you got the 150.
  12. 99XR250R

    Uncorking the crf 230

    Yes, you need to increase the fuel. You'll be too lean if you don't. You'll also be pleasantly surprised
  13. Well....you get what you pay for. Here is the list to consider based on all the stuff I did to mine in order. The JD tuner is around $200. You can open up that screen on the outlet (end) of your muffler cap and get a couple of ponies. Switch to an FMF muffler for $350 more and loose a pound or two Add the Mega bomb for a little more bottom another $380 Big bore and skip everything above, except you should remove the end screen from stock muffler, $825 (they re-flash your stock ECU eliminating the need for the JD tuner). This was the most improvement.
  14. Thumper Racing makes a 390 kit. I put one in my 13 350 and it added more bottom for sure. You'll want to take the screen out of your (very end) of the muffler if you haven't already done so, or get an aftermarket muffler. I went FMF. Take the suspension to someone that knows what they are doing and have it reworked for your weight and riding type. The oil in it is likely goo if you haven't had it serviced. All this will probably set you back 1,200 to 2 grand. Or Sell it and buy a 500 or 450. Those new 6-days 450's sure look sharp. https://www.dirtrider.com/2018-ktm-450-exc-f-six-days
  15. 99XR250R

    xcfw 350 starting/running probs

    I would: - Dump all the old fuel - Replace the in-tank fuel filter at the fuel pump - Replace the in-line filter at the quick disconnect - Get the injector cleaned from the guys in Florida for under 20 bucks - Drain it or use a stabilizer next year