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  1. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    Available fuel tank sizes?

    Ok , interesting
  2. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    DRZ400SM Rebuild Questions

    Yeah .. I see some bad reviews lately on the hot rod cranks , I have a + 5mm HR crank it must be 6 years old . No issues but I don’t flog it at all . Check some reviews
  3. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    450X hinson clutch cover

    I use the Hinson cover and use the recommended amount 1 quart .
  4. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    Available fuel tank sizes?

    Didn’t say you were lying , I’m saying to check it first . The reason is , I am under the impression that not a lot interchanges from the R to the X . Though the bikes look similar . so .. you say you have actually done it ? .. fitted the R tank to the X
  5. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    Available fuel tank sizes?

    I would physically try the R tank on your 08 before you buy one
  6. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    Time for a new chain?

    Yeah .. I reduced a lot of chain slap by using silicon underneath the chain buffer , correct gearing and chain tension of course
  7. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    R cam

    So ... I have this 08 450X with a new motor from the USA , TRC full system , vortex X10 , jetted ect . I had the 02 R cam in my old motor , I thought i would try the 08R cam in the new motor , just drops in compared to the old decomp assy of the 02 . The 08R cam is a good cam too .
  8. Qqqqqqqqqqqq


    Yeah .. lob the K&N and choose a foam unit
  9. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    DRZ400E with Big Bore Kit Questions

    Ok .. my DRZ runs smoother with the CW B.B kit
  10. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    Changed top end from SM to E

    Clear out the fuel first
  11. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    What's a CRF 450 X like in the woods?

    Correct spring rates to suit your weight then set the sag . i found the valving on the harsh side in certain parts of the stroke , A revalve made the suspension more compliant.
  12. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    What's a CRF 450 X like in the woods?

    There are better choices for tight areas , they work a lot better after suspension work .
  13. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    Bike seized (I think)

    Yeah ... Not Good
  14. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    Are all fuel screws the same?

    R&D flexjet
  15. Qqqqqqqqqqqq

    DRZ400E rebuild

    What type of Cam chain tensioner Does it have ?