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  1. KawaKXF450

    Bulletproof '06

    I went with the Wiseco 12:1compression in my 06 KXF 450-changed it at 29hours. The original piston did not have any gauling on the wrist pin-but it`s much more reassuring now when the Wiseco is in there..Also the bike runs great with the Wiseco. The bike has 47hours on it now. Only problem I have had with the bike is that I`m on my third set of fotpegs on the brake-side, but that is my bad. Other than that it has been a great bike.
  2. KawaKXF450

    KX450F reliabilty

    47Hours on my 06, not a problem...Valves good, changed to the Wiseco-piston at 30Hours just to be safe..other than that, it`s great...
  3. KawaKXF450

    sdg seat?

    I have Both the step-seat and the tall seat for my KXF 450 06, and my Step-seat is still hard as hell, had a hard landing after a tiny table-top, slammed my ass on the seat and my back went out...four times to the kiropractor to fix it..The tall seat is great though:thumbsup:
  4. KawaKXF450

    Hard to start warm...

    Mine was the exact same way,well almost mine did start with the kick-after quite a few... do a search on here and see what you can find on the matter, the thing that made the most difference to me was the fuel-screw, it was almost 2.5-3turns out, and should be about 1.5-2 turns out, it`s at about 1.6turns now and the bike is really easy to start..Come to think of it, changing to the wiseco-piston also helped my bike...now it`s great, First or second kick when warm. Tread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=334686 First post.
  5. KawaKXF450

    2005 CRF 250R Valve/valveseat-question.

    Ok, thanks for the reply`s, I`ll look into the subject when I dissasemble the head. It will be delivered to a machine-shop to have it cut and replace all valves, or maybe just the intake-ones. We will just have to wait and see what the guys over here say about the damage done. and take it from that. As for the piston-we replaced it about 5hours ago, went with the stock one from the part-kit that came with the bike, it did quite a difference in performance:thumbsup:
  6. Hi guys! First of all, I have tried the search-function and read the sticky-part, but still have some questions.. Here is the problem, my brothers bike started acting funny on the track the other day, would not start when using the kick-start when cold, but started right away when it got push-started, ran good. Did a valve check for him today at the workshop, and found out that the right intake valve has moved, quite abit too, they were checked about 10hours ago, bike has aprox 45-50hours on it, with good maintenace through it`s life. When checked that time they were in spec, but now the right intake valve, witch should be 0.12mm +/- 0.03mm ,is so tight that I can`t even get a 0.05mm feeler in there, all other valves are good/in spec. So I figure that the valve has pounded the seat so it`s worn and need to be recut and install a new valve and reshim it because of the cut seat? Because when the seat is cut it is in some way milled and material is removed I figure. Or do we need to buy a new head and 1 or 4 new valves? Have read much good about the 07head also. But what I`m looking for here ist the best way to fix it, reshim is not the way to go I have read, because it is only a temporary fix to the problem, and while the bike is in parts we might as well do the job right from the start. All input appreciated:thumbsup:
  7. KawaKXF450

    wiseco piston markings

    jup, just compress them with your fingers, be careful so that the oil-rings don`t get caught on the lip on the bottom of the sylinder, when entering the piston in the sylinder..
  8. KawaKXF450

    Left rad begging for it :(

    I have those Works-connection braces on my 06 KXF 450, never had an issue with them-works great, bike has hit the ground some times...Also have the skidplate and block-protectors. All good stuff! And I`m impressed with you guys that can feel an adittional 200grams of radiator-braces on your 110Kilo bikes...
  9. KawaKXF450

    Can you see whats the difference and tell me why?

    06 muffler on the one to the right for sure...my 06 had that same size hole on the original muffler.
  10. KawaKXF450

    wiseco piston markings

    The circle mark is supposed to face towards the exhaust part of the engine yes.. If you managed to install the wiseco without reading the papers that follows the piston, then you probably did it wrong with the position of the rings too. Tthe gaps in the rings are 90deg. on each other..my 06 Kawa 450 has the wiseco, and there is no extra noise on it, never ran as good as with the Wiseco. You also see the difference in valve size on the piston and top-end too.
  11. KawaKXF450

    Too much oil???

    OK, i`ll drain it before riding, and fill on 0.98L instead! Thanks for the help!
  12. KawaKXF450

    What bar clamps? Bent mine '07 kx450

    I use the Renthal-clamps with the Twinwall-quite pleased with that..much better than the original ones-mine bent alot of times..actually it`s the disc under the bushings that went on mine..the original clamps are smaller on the tread-part then the rod that goes through the bushing itself-the Rental ones are the same thickness all the way-making for better pressure on the bushings.. Price is good to..
  13. KawaKXF450

    Too much oil???

    Could you be more specific? I Also wonder about this..the manual says 0.98L when filter removed and 0.96L when filter is left in and 1.20L when completely dry...What do they mean with completely dry?? After a rebuild? Cant see why the bike wouldn`t be completely dry when standing for two days before changing the oil, all should be in the bottom of the sump/block right? I put on about 1.1L when filter was not removed...one filter goes for two oilchanges on the bike-replaced every 10 hours..
  14. KawaKXF450

    milky oil???

    Water probably got in the tube while washing the bike or from riding the bike when wet-normal...Had the same problem and got really scared that I had blown a seal or something and cooling-fluid got in the oil-not the case-tok it apart and nothing on the inside-only nice good oil! This happened this winter...that was the problem-water got into the hose when riding..
  15. KawaKXF450

    Anybody have the part # for a 55 leak jet

    Is it really that little difference? I thought it would give me a "wow"-experience with the 55-jet, but the bike runs awesome as is-stock, with the fuelscrew dialed in...