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  1. motokid338

    southwick pics

    Saweet pics. I was there today as well....forgot the camera though I was standing there watching and a lady kept running back and forth past me and then ran into me and it turned out to be villapotos mom. Found that interesting she was mingling with the rest of the crowd.
  2. motokid338

    Omg This Pisses Me Off So Much!!!!

    Im usually more worried about crap like this in the winter snowmobiling. I've been on trails where someone tied wire between two trees right at neck level. Im glad i saw it and took it down before anyone tried to use the trails at night. Seems alot of die hard Eco-friendly people are not Human-friendly people
  3. wow so im not allowed to ride/race until a take and pay for a state approved training course to teach me to do something i already know how to do. great...typical massachusetts. I cant even legally use fireworks this friday in this great state of mine because there illegal. What's more american then blowing things up? Can't wait to move my ass out of this state.
  4. motokid338

    250f or 450f 16yrs old.

    I was in the same exact position not long ago and went with the 450, worst decesion i could have made. It may be completley different for you, but i just hated how heavy it was and how much more energy it took to ride that compared to the old 125. I eventually just bought a 250f and like it so much more, its lighter and i can use the power it offers so much more effectively. Just my experiences wit that situation
  5. motokid338

    Comp Flow oil filer

    Ok thanks Ill give the Comp Flow cover a shot, if it leaks ill just throw the stocker back on. Thanks for the info
  6. motokid338

    Comp Flow oil filer

    So i recently just bought a Compflow stainless oil filter and they gave me a new oil filter cover for my bike too. I read some reviews about people having the cover not seal right or something and loosing oil. I had the same filter on a 04 CRF 250 and dident have a problem, but i dont know about the YZ Does anyone have one these and using the cover that came with it? or should i just keep using the stock cover?
  7. motokid338

    Crow Hill

    saweet...i dident know they opened for the year yet. i gotta get down there hopefully this week. Nice pics btw
  8. motokid338

    First post

    nice air
  9. motokid338

    Red bull first person contest

  10. motokid338

    panolin products

    They "sponsor" pretty much everyone who makes an account on sponsorhouse.com...Ive never tried their stuff however.
  11. I think the yamaha's usually come out in august...i guess thats pretty tentative now though.
  12. motokid338

    Check it: New Bike!

    nice bike...cant even tell its been used What kind of camera are you using...those are some great pics.
  13. motokid338

    May go to the track for the first time.

    If its your first time at a track i wouldn't get too over zealous and start trying to whip. It would probably be better to get comfortable riding an MX track and getting used of riding with people around you and how your actions can affect them. Once you feel comfortable and get the hang of it, whip away
  14. motokid338

    Coolest riding pic you've ever taken.

    Wasn't that the race stewarts bike seized in the back section.