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    Bikes, Cars, trucks, R/C planes, guitar and 4x4ing. Internal combustion engines pique my interest.

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  1. BushPig

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    I wont believe it till I see it on Vital....
  2. Here we see two blokes at the Bling Retail Outlet. Edit: &%$#@!it GIF fail.
  3. If you rode a Yamaha 4t all you'd have to do is wash it and then watch pr0n.
  4. BushPig

    Toby Price

    I have no idea why a spectator goes to a cricket test other than drink till unconscious What annoys me is when I watch motorsports on TV it shows you the hi lights. Cricket they show THE WHOLE DAMN THING because the most interesting bit is the way he rubs the &%$#@!in ball. So true they talk about it for years
  5. BushPig

    Toby Price

    Yeah but cricket's gayer.
  6. Gives me just the right amount of friction to glide over the sloppy ones without getting bogged in a deep hole.
  7. Jokes aside my current bike is bog stock apart from sag, triple clamp height and a lowering link. Not even handguards or any thing. I will add these when ICGAF.
  8. I put on ribbed tyres. For traction in the mud.
  9. BushPig

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    250F Austrian is 250 also https://www.mxstore.com.au/p/Vertex-KTM-Husqvarna-Husaberg-250SXF-EXC-F-FE-FC25/V-23757B It's actually 9 dollars less. So if you go a dollar per CC for a 250F piston kit, the KTM 350F is actually a bargain and 305 dollars
  10. BushPig

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    Same store sells 250F yamaha pistons from same supplier for 250 https://www.mxstore.com.au/p/Vertex-Yamaha-WR-YZ250F-X-76.97mm-Forged-Replica-P/V-23941C\
  11. BushPig

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    mxstore has it for $305 aussie 1st hit google. https://www.mxstore.com.au/p/Vertex-KTM-Husqvarna-Husaberg-350SXF-EXC-F-FE350-8/V-23641B?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7cndmuTz3wIVipOzCh1b3w76EAkYAiABEgL9D_D_BwE
  12. BushPig

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    I always either used genuine or vertex kits for my 200. Just that piston is hundreds more than I was paying for the whole kit. If that's the going rate I'd hate to be a 350 owner.