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  1. What a shame I'll have to swap the forks.
  2. 150R more suitable than RX.
  3. My brother had one of those when I had an 85. They are very forgiving except for the stall factor, which was probably jetting. It wasnt unreliable either.
  4. Its off the chizain I tell ya.
  5. Guys with Yamaspension are able to hit the same in 5th WR gearing with a 15T front and 39T R.
  6. I dont find any issue with linkless for most of what I do, but I am not fast and I dont "hit 5th gear whoops" like the Beta rider wet dream DBC. My biggest gripe with PDS is that its the hardest shock made to service so I have not been game to try it. The rest of the maintenane and not dragging a link is what sells PDS to me. Why SSS? My WR forks are almost absolutely perfect stock. There is more to it than ride quality, its the whole feel of the front.
  7. My dream suspension combo is a perverse PDS coupled with SSS.
  8. No, could go to bathroom with battery drill and holesaw and let the Beta riders do it for me.
  9. Yeah its all in fun. Smart move on the DBC thing. Well I'm sipping a nice American style pale ale right now in Sydney, on my way to a better place, in the biggest glass they have, I'll drink the next one for ya.
  10. I'm just messing with you man. Wont say anything one way or the other about the vlogger.
  11. Betards are obsessed with Kyle because he doesnt like the beta. They froth every time he peddles a video on YT in a perpetual cycle of butthurt.
  12. A non-estart YZX too.
  13. Links bro, we need links and I'm not talking linkage they can stick that waste of bearings and grease up their Jaxies!!. KTM, not for invalids. Edit: there is a great and hilarious come back from this line, lets see if Ossi figures it out.