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  1. Its a Tacoma with one season of offroad use.
  2. BushPig

    Music and Riding

    Im reasonably new to extreme metal (even my prior heavy metal preferences such as Sabbath -the one and only - and associated acts I find are too much for most people. Really enjoying the melodic death metal genre. (For me) it has just the right combo of darkness, fury and yet it's still beautiful. What are you listening to? Tried @monkeeluva 's recommendation of Meshugga and it was just too much lol.
  3. BushPig

    Music and Riding

    I find them &%$#@!ing epic. Just love the way the growls come in. Yeeeooohhh!!!
  4. Less power = bigger penis.
  5. BushPig

    Music and Riding

    To answer the question: Never have. Have considered it for the road. What setups do people use?
  6. BushPig

    Music and Riding

    I have been enjoying Amon Amarth lately, is that too "pop" for you?
  7. BushPig

    The unofficial TireBall thread...

    @Hans Schmid Now that right there is very positive professional endorsement.
  8. BushPig

    Random pics.

    Do U at least check for left over fries?
  9. BushPig

    2019 KTM 250 XC: Any ride reports please?

    My 150SX with a FMF pipe/muffler combo, phresh reeds and Zook needle jetting was great. It wasnt a lightswitch and all and was reasonably tractable and the 150 is SUPER underrated for woods riding. Let down (for stump jumping) was the light flywheel and harsh suspension. Think I was running 13/50. Can't remember but it went most places my 200 did.
  10. BushPig

    Best bike for Sumo/Dirt combo?

    My advice? Buy a used 300 of any colour and a used DRZ400 for the same price as a new KTM or KTM Klone. Or two identical big bore 4T one for motard one for moto. Changing wheelsets depending on whether you feel like riding street or dirt sucks ass as well. Seriously, it sucks and takes longer than people consider. Nothing truer mate. Got the road wheels on, you'll be invited on the dirt. Put the dirt wheels on and you'll feel like riding to the shops.
  11. BushPig

    The KTM 200 Club

    Anybody painted their cases? Mine are dirt stained and look nasty and old in general.
  12. BushPig

    Which mx gear bag for air travel?

    I used a cricket bag last time. Worked mint and cheaper than with a moto industry logo.
  13. My oldest is an '88 and my newest a '16 and the oldest I have ridden a 1975. I was looking for a twinshock enduro or MX bike when I bought my '88 CR though. I'd probably ride an antique aged bike if I could still get (and afford) parts (considered a BSA Bantam for a while).
  14. BushPig

    Riding gear for noob

    The bare minimum I ride in is: Helmet goggles (wont ride without goggles) Boots knee guards MX Pants I typically add: elbow guards gloves MX Jersey Am planning on buying: Chest protector Jacket (for onroad) I'd rather ride in a Tshirt and shorts with guards on than an MX shirt with nothing.
  15. If it was an older bike (but it's not) I'd be suspecting gear dogs on 2nd. They round off and cause clattering and jerking as they jump in and out of gear.