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  1. Yep. Commonrail DI diesel. Woefully undersized. Although I think it would be a great engine in a Frontier/Navara sized vehicle with the setup I have.
  2. Was talking the TD series engines. We got TD42s in Patrols but I dont think td27t pathies. I think td27 NA navs were a thing tho?
  3. The TD series of engines is tough as &%$#@!. Although, AFAIK we only got the 4.2 litre one in Australia. Susceptible to overheating, that's about it.
  4. I will keep my current vehicle until: a) I get sick of the lack of power b ) it gets written off or irreparably damaged. It and I understand each other. I, like a ZD30, like to explode on people.
  5. That's nothing. I shit gold bullion and come money.
  6. Look up "dogging", now that's fun. Ahk. So every time I walk Aggie I'll have to pack a speculum, milk, spoon, some gel and a packet of Froot Loops in a Woolworths bag.
  7. I'm not a dogger, and maybe it's a macho thing being able to hunt without canine assistance, but pigs are a feral and should be dispatched. No worse than what happens in nature IMO.
  8. Bwahaha
  9. Any bump decent bump with steering input will have him on the edge of the knife with only rear spring
  10. you'll need 3
  11. how heavy are you? you're not small right? youll need a spring, not just spanners IMO. but setting sag will help even w/ wrong spring if you can even reach ideal sag
  12. Street or dirt helmet? Some interesting stuff out there. IIRC Snell makes for a very strong (but heavy) helmet, that may transfer more energy to the brain with smaller impacts. Or was that DOT?
  13. Quality does vary. You're fine. People get rims done all the time. They look awesome once done.
  14. That's a good strategy. Layin' all that pipe paid off huh? Reward yourself with a drink, just dont touch the glysophate
  15. Well naturally, they wouldnt send them to the same place as the zealots who wanted puritan/sharia right?