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  1. I think there are some great Italian riders. I really like the ethos of southern Italy. Style and design first, function second, work last. Yep that's why the place is a shambles. Not many immigrants went back after the war
  2. Its a good thing them italians dont build their bikes like their tanks. 1 gear forward five backwards. As it is they probably have Bavarians ride them over obstacles and out of the trails when it all gets too hard
  3. Biggest thing for me about those early 2000s KX is the frame, handling and ergos. They just feel big and huge. The kicker is in a weird ass spot too. Many 450f feel more flickable (to me). Good torque tho.
  4. A KTM 2t engine in the current YZ-F chassis would be pretty sweet IMO. My Yam 250F is awesome. Its just not nearly as much fun. Its fast, you can concentrate on your riding, its stable it turns... but that 2t hit yet with luggability, and lightweight cant be touched for FUN and ease of maintenance. As for me, my biggest POS bike was a Suzuki. The next was an XR250. Spent more time fixing broken shit that wasnt as well thought out as a KTM or Yamaha, and built inferior. Particularly the zuke.
  5. I took my 200 out for a ride yesterday and had quite an enjoyable day for the most part. It was a ride across swamp and floodplain that has dried out a bit. Not enough it seems. Up for a crank, top end and obviously main bearings. While it's apart I'll do the usual regrease and probably buy it a new rimset if I'm feeling rich. The back hub is completely wallered and the wheels a little bent. $$$$$. I'm tempted to do a full restoration. Oh well, this bike does everything I need and want it to (and more) for the most part. Forks a little harsh and deflect-y in rocks tho. Maybe I should fit some CCs or WR SSS in the rebuild process? Cheers to the best, most fun bike I've owned as it again sits dead
  6. I have to say the the "old" 250 I rode wad very smooth and predictable. Very linear feeling and could rev. I didn't gel with the 300 I rode nearly as much. Setup, I am told. I still cruise around on the 200. In a world of post 17 250s and 300s and 350f its becoming a curiosity at rides now. Especially because it has no displacement identifying stickers.
  7. I have no issues with you buying a short bed Tundra. Key word is need I guess. [Dr Evil voice ] Maybe when people need to move *their* stuff with *my* car (its not a truck), because it doesnt fit in *their* truck is when I can be condescending and queston why they bought that truck [/Dr Evil voice]
  8. Generally every few rides or when I feel clutch drag on my two stroke. Its generally about 5 hours run time. The 4t I haven't owned and rode long enough to get a routine. Do you have an hour meter? That's the best way.
  9. Ah. Belated congrats then. I hope none of your (wife's?) worries came true.
  10. Looking at ur avatar, did you finally get your new bike?
  11. I would say those turds rev out like a diesel. But that's unfair to diesels considering their limitations are the reciprocation of heavy components rather than just being built like a 1960s Skoda tractor.
  12. Good bike and good price. I have a 2010 also. Love it very much.
  13. fixed That's good for you that you are OK with that. Otherwise it would suck to have a beta.