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  1. Still clucking about the wrecklose eh? You don't need those wrecklose skills if you have e start and SSS skills. Shit, the amount of traction 250f skills gain you actually makes a lot of that work redundant anyway.
  2. Various parts of our country yes. I believe they are an issue down here. As far as I am aware they have them the worst over east in Queensland.
  3. My sentiments exactly. For what its worth, I am still hopeless.
  4. My sentiments exactly.
  5. I dont really want to say exactly who, or where they are. Between dirtbikers, 4x4ers, pig hunters they have a lot of trouble with people using and abusing the area.
  6. Today's ride proved the bike to me. I could not have asked for an easier bike to ride. I didn't even set sag, just checked all the spokes, double checked a few critical bolts, oil level and tire pressures and rode. I rode with a guy who competed at the national level many years ago. The trails were his backyard and quite different to where I normally ride, its been raining a lot and things are 100x more slippery than I was used to. Dont hit a log or root anything but square-on unless you want a dirt nap quicker than you can blink. It was a bit humbling, but the bike truly exceeded expectations and was super predictable all day. I dropped it many times, and was grateful for the lowering link also. Unfortunately I did some damage climbing a right hand switchback. I ran out of talent, the front wheel went skywards and the right side air intake tagged a tree, damaging the right shroud and radiator slightly (fixed since) The grip and response is unreal.
  7. Havent left yet. Load up the Hilux tomorrow and head to near Donnybrook. Nope. It's fairly gutsy when I open it up bit extremely manageable compared to other bikes I have ridden. Haven't been on a ride yet, have only done some commuting around Fremantle. On bitumen. In the rain. Have read manual and given a quick once over. Shop time and hopefully first real ride on actual dirt is tomorrow. For something different I wanted a 4 stroke. I had two two stroke KTMs before, i liked the equipment level for the money of the yamaha. Plus it looks sweet as in Yellow. No, not my Audi.
  8. It's waiting for me. Organising bank cheque and will ride away.
  9. Have you tried SX CDI with EXC pipe?
  10. Better than losing your organ.
  11. Ah. I think I see where you got me crossed, and I have to admit your post was hard to follow as I think you are addressing the subject and poster (me) in the same paragraph. Answered you in the post. When I said "at least he uploads", this is my respect for putting his self infront of the world to be lampooned or critiqued, supported or whatever. I'm not bothered Monk, I am surprised you bother.
  12. Will reply when I am done with work and riding.
  13. Ah, so you have quality and performance superior to HD. Thanks for agreeing.
  14. Not sure if Harley fan, or agreeing with my signature.
  15. The one I rode had to be ridden like that. The owner has set up a LHRB, although me made a setup that could swap between LHRB and clutch. It just felt weird man.