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  1. Have some friends that are currently honeymooning in Tassie at the moment and loving it. Would like to see it someday, hear that it can be a bit of a plick to get a car and trailer across at times though.
  2. I remember this thread when it started. The first post has been edited. The second mentions not being able to buy a decent downhill for the desired price. Check @HeavyRotation's post re the walmart huffy. That guy got thru that debacle because of talent and being able to correct for the bike. If somone doesnt mind a seat post in the sphincter or the brakes failing on a downhill run yeah I guess the huffy is fine. Cheap stuff breaks.
  3. Yeah it sucks to be a short stroke.
  4. Because #lessismore
  5. It doesnt matter. If the 150 doesnt make it up a hill Trailrydr would just carry it over.
  6. Bunch of green meanies in here.
  7. Like a twin cylinder lawn tractor. I wonder if they make them with brake-clutch yet.
  8. Probably even less scope to lose weight off a dirtbike.
  9. My favourite riding area is about that pace. KTM freeride territory (literally, because the guy who marks the trails rides one) I'm hearing you on the 150, I think I was fastest on it but with it's stock MX suspension it required focus, aggression and a willingness to accept you may not end up where you planned and then have to deal with it. Super fun though, for 45 minutes... My Cr has the first gen cartridge forks, a KYB shock with integrated res. It feels heavier than my PDS KTMs though. But it's lower. The engine actually sounded very healthy once I cleaned the bleh out of the carb and changed the plug, the chassis is very roached though. I had initially intended to race it in Cgrade/vintage after a resto. Maybe I should just find an XR200 or a 230 to play with for a while?
  10. That purple is farkin sweet! There is so much right about that even though it seems wrong to start with. If my 1988 motor is uneconomical to fix, I think I will REALLY look into that. I hear (granted from the 230F forum) that the 2v Xr motor is a smooth torque king. Couple that with a small CR chassis (mine has its original "modern" cartridge forks) and you could really be onto a winner.
  11. Maybe it was just my example. But i have very vivid memories of kicking and kicking and kicking my XR in a sweltering jungle. Wr250 goes at the touch of a button... every time...
  12. Sounds like you are talking about linkage bike riders again. I can hear them now "waah, pds doesnt like the big hits " "Waaah pds is unpredictable" And lets not even go there about the guys who add 100cc more than necessary worth of weight and reciprocating mass to save themselves a gear shift every now and then.