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  1. I was surprised when I read that a bit, but makes sense as an AVG gumby. Terry has opinions that dont go with the grain of what I read in the general sections of TT. His name features fairly regularly in Paul Thede's book. I'll put it this way. Read some dicourse in the suspension section, and sites other than TT such as DBW (defunct?). I dont think Terry would bother with the kran. Track work is why I bought my 150SX and I agree with needing firm. I thought my 200 was going to kill me if I didnt do things perfectly. I found your comment regarding finding drive out of corners etc "interesting" on the 200. I find the same thing, get everything perfect and it flies just right. One mistake and the back wheel does impressions of this thing.
  2. I feel old is better, call it retro, we call that the golden era - The Funkoars.
  3. I'm not A. But my kinda old and kinda ratty 200 does almost everything I need. To the point I considered selling my new 2016 WR250F today.
  4. I forgot to touch on that subject. My mate runs his on ordinary fuel, no issue as it hasnt been taken in too much. Bron- Just dont go too agressive with the cut and it will be fine. You're really making me want that mod now.
  5. My riding bud just had the head of his 200 cut, maybe my piston is just wallered, its like kicking an 85. . Makes his noticiably harder to kick than mine, the bike also seems more powerful everywhere. He has the large PWK though. I prefer the way mine runs, so wouldnt mind kutting the head too to see how much cleaner it can be, to be fair it doesnt really need it.
  6. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to ride any newer KTM products except for the 2016 Husky TE250 and 300. To be brutally honest I didn't care for them that much, but I think the 150 with its PDS and smaller feel would suit me more. Those bikes just felt weird, can't put my finger on what it was. I know this feels clichéd but I didnt like the 4cs either. Some guys say you need to be good to be unhappy with them, but they felt soft every where until you hit a sharp bump you'd want/expect them to blow through on and theyd go girder stiff on you. But I really want to try a counterbalanced 250 or a new design 150. Not many around unfortunately. Until someone I riee with gets one my chance is nill. My group pretty much has older bikes. It was a shock to the system me buying a new 250f.
  7. From Yamaha the WR250 smoker, from KDM the 200EXC and 400EXC, kawi the KDX, suzuki the RMX and RM125, honda their 2 strokes in general as well as the XR line.
  8. My old 150, will miss it.
  9. Im not one of the 17/18 cool kids, but was a member of the 150 club (and enjoyed every minute) My 150 (a 2009 SX) was just fine being ridden gently on rocky single. Well the engine was. Suspension was the limiting factor for me, being stock SX stuff and me being light my wheels were off the ground a lot on climbs. Engine wise, I found I generally always had just enough force from the engine and flywheel to get the front up at low speed, and going faster you just rev it more. Because it is not an uber torque engine traxion was good when back wheel was planted. When I was in the groove on that thing, I feel that's the best I have ever ridden. But I feel like that about my 200 as well. And my 250f
  10. My older 150 was/is the same. I found it to be a very gradual and predictable power. And that was the SX model too. So many people overlook these because they think you have to ride them pinned everywhere... I finger on the clutch and gear selection results in great traction.
  11. So I am assuming he meant new bikes. Haven't really heard of that issue and I have been poking around the KTM 2t section a while. E start problems on the last engine, reeds and float heights are all real issues tho. that was my understanding of what occurs if you are unlucky. Helped a guy strip his yz down the other day.... jumping out of 3rd. Worn dogs and shift forks look like someone took a grinder to their contact points.
  12. I'd also like to hear what years and model.
  13. With the link on the Yam and a low seat on the KTM they are close but the Yamaha is still taller.
  14. Proof you get more metal for your cash with a zook??
  15. I disagree. YZ250FX is a tall bike. Have lowered my Yamaha and its still taller than 2010 200. Its also far more top heavy. Great bike but not suitable for a small short rider riding trails IMO. Its a great bike though. The traxion is bullchit good.